10 ways to get out of a rut

August 3, 2012

In a rut? Need to get out of it in order to live your best life?  Do something different —and begin today.

1.  Take up a new hobby. Always wanted to learn to knit? golf? play chess? bridge? piano? Find a meetup group or a place that’ll teach you on the cheap.

2. Volunteer.  Hundreds, if not thousands of organizations are crying out for help. Groups supporting disadvantaged families, kids, education, wildlife, pets–they’re out there, easy to find.

3. Change your look, maybe start with your hairstyle. Sounds shallow, I know. But sometimes a new look can give you a fresh outlook.

4. Rearrange your living space. Maybe you don’t want to invest in new furniture, but you can rearrange what you already have.

5. Let in more light. Open the blinds and the drapes. Step out into the sunshine.

6.  Find healthy new recipes and cook them.

7.  Spend a morning in a museum: art, history, whatever inspires you.

8.  Take a drive to an inspirational place. For me, it’s always Big Sur. The  majesty of the ocean, the sun glinting off the water or even the overcast.

9.  Don’t read much? Start.  Don’t watch TV much? Choose a few shows that look interesting and follow them, educational or just for fun. It’s a diversion.

10. Always in jeans or shorts? Wear more skirts. It’ll change how you carry yourself and maybe even your point of view. Oh, you’re a guy? If you normally dress down, dress up more. Or vice versa. Switch it up.

If you’re tired of doing the same old things, pick any one of these. Or two or three.  Give them a try. What’s the worst that could happen?

One comment on “10 ways to get out of a rut
  1. Robin Herman says:

    I’ve tried a number of these simple suggestions and they really do work. Next up for me: haircut. I’ve already switched to skirts. Great in the summertime

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