11 delightful spring fashion statements

May 19, 2012

There’s nothing as much fun as a visit to the store, Anthropologie*, especially in spring. Their women’s clothing, accessories and home decor are a little idiosyncratic and a lot fun.

S. and I enjoyed some time in Tampa’s store last January, but the spring/summer line is as good. Walk through with me:

Color and fabric choices are stunning. 

No one does 60s peasant style (based on Eastern Indian designs) as well, in my opinion.

Prints sans pareil. Which means unique. Love this one.

Their flamingo print screams summer. I’m sure it does well in Florida.

Sequins and beads on a hot pink sundress.

A beaded purse I just had to have. So I got it.

These retro floral summer dresses are flirty and feminine.

Sandals in a pile tell us summer is around the corner. But judging by weather in San Jose, it’s been here a while.

More sundresses, youthful and cool.

Yikes! How could I forget these colorful housewares? Have no idea what I’d do with this, but I love it.

Merchandising brilliance.

Bargains are rare. Prices are higher than normal and they don’t discount much. You never see a coupon.

And yet….we buy, and we buy because Anthropologie’s quirky line of goods speaks to our inner girly girl, regardless of age.

That’s what I think, anyway.

*Not getting paid for this post.

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