3 Fat Ones

March 12, 2009

As in $3 million book advance for Capt. Sully.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Publishers are always quick to jump on the latest hero with a huge book contract. Regardless of what that person might have or not have to say–they’ll manufacture something, if need be.

From PerezHilton: One of the editors who met with Sully said that the book would revolve around the idea that Sully’s “whole life experience led up to this moment [of the landing],” and would include some lessons on facing life’s challenges. Adding, “It would be mainly a narrative of his life and the key moments that prepared him.” He also thought Sully seemed like “the real thing. There’s a lot more substance to him than most people getting their 15 minutes of fame.”

My whole life experience led up to me starting my company but ain’t no book contract coming MY way!

I think he had amazing skill and presence of mind to save that plane and all those souls, don’t get me wrong. But I remember all the books rushed out about Sept. 11, and every other damn thing that’s happened.

Everyone wants to make a quick buck. I don’t begrudge the Captain his fortune but I do kinda wish he’d refused to profit off it in that way.

That, would be a hero, in my view.

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