6 ways to tap your creative spirit

September 8, 2012
“Oh I’m not creative” That’s what I used to say.
“I’m left brain.”

Ah, but right brain, left brain–

we’re all creative– it’s innate–not a special thing for chosen few.
The right side of the brain,
that’s the place that houses that spark we call creativity. Emotions, music, images.
Left brain? That’s logic, rational thinking.

Sometimes I feel like I have too much left brain.
Other times, too little.

But if you’re stumped, blocked, just can’t get
that creative spark going, here are a few helpful hints.

1. Walk away. Don’t think about it, obsess about it, or even consider it.
Do something else, instead.
Go for a walk. See a movie. Read a book.

2. Learn something new. That’s right. Learning new patterns forces right brain development. That goes for anything from walking backwards to learning tennis or chess. Or even writing with your non-dominant hand. I learned to water color once.

Wait. Walking backwards?  Yep. As simple as
that. Walk backwards and stimulate your right brain.
That’s easy enough.

3. Did you know the sound of water is a right-brain stimulant?
Makes sense, doesn’t it?
Go to the water–the ocean, a lake, a river–whatever is nearby.
Land-locked? Put a fountain in your office.
4. Meditate. Some solitude, emptying your mind and doing any kind
of meditation ritual all help refresh creativity.
 5. Use the world around you for stimulation
Change your environment.
Talk a walk (even forward!) 
6. Brainstorm. The wilder ideas, the better.
Include bad ideas–they might be a springboard to something you can use.
How do you get those creative juices flowing again?

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