7 ways to have a frolicking good time: G-rated version

September 16, 2011
It’s easy to get consumed by our buttoned-up, repressive Protestant work ethic.
Fact is, we don’t play nearly enough.

I love being silly and people who aren’t afraid to be silly.

My sister-diva poses dramatically for the camera wearing a fun hat, gold necklace and cleavage–I can almost see her high-kicking with a cigar and Marlene Dietrich tights. Love it.

At my house, dancing with Riley to oldies is his favorite past-time, and mine. Our 14-year-old dog often joins in. I know we must look a sight, but who cares?

Once, at a fancy B&B, I put bubble bath in the jacuzzi and the whole bathroom filled with bubbles. I can’t tell you when I’ve laughed as hard, especially when
hubby arrived and said, “Lucy…you got some ‘splainin’ to do…”

Taking yourself seriously is boring.

1. So maybe you don’t want to bubble up your bathroom, but why not put a bunch of extra dish soap in the sink while you’re doing dishes? Or get a bubble-blowing wand and puff some bubbles out to float around the room.
Yes, I know you’re not a child. That’s exactly why you should do it.

2. Get a few friends together and have an ugly cake contest.
Each brings their ugly cake to the party
and you all vote on which is the ugliest; then you eat them.
(Nothing says they have to taste terrible!)

3. Could anything be more fun than a bunch of adults
on a scavenger hunt?

I’m serious. Actually, no I’m not.
But I’ve always wanted to host one.
Do the hunt but don’t be serious about it–
make it fun!

4. Just laugh. That’s right. All by yourself.
Start laughing and make yourself keep laughing
until you’re laughing
that you’re laughing.
I promise you won’t be able to stop.

5. Pick an accent. Any accent: British, Italian, Indian.
Go to the store and speak only in that accent.
I’ve done this and it is so much fun.
I speak to Riley in my “Tiger Mom” accent
all the time. It makes us both laugh.

6. Crank up your favorite tunes and dance.
By yourself. (or with your dog)

7. Have a water pistol fight with your kids.
Outdoors, of course.

Laughter is the most amazing medicine in the world.
No nasty side effects, either.
Vow to do more of it,
starting right now.

Image: Altered Gypsy

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