A carpet of purple

February 20, 2009

Spring. Pacific Grove. A carpet of purple ice plant. It’s gorgeous and about April this is what it’ll look like.

Ok, so I’ve done it. The condo is empty and ready for (I hope) a renter. It was a beautiful central coast day, this last one in my treehouse unit. Many memories floating through as I packed. Living here was a dream I made come true for myself.

But if I really had to pick the time I was happiest here it was when the High Tech Exec and I rented a great 2BR apartment on 17-Mile Drive and Sinex in the Asilomar area, for weekends on the coast. We lived in San Jose during the week but on Friday, headed south to our hideaway. Herds of deer appeared daily and once I even had a standoff with a doe and her spotted fawn, me in briefcase and suit, waiting till the doe decided to leave.

I loved the deer. Once a big buck slept beneath my second story window for hours, while I sat at the desk and wrote. It was idyllic, even though Asilomar’s the foggy area. I loved it, and neither the cottage on Congress I rented later or the condo I bought really measured up to the feel of being in some nether world with wildlife and fog.

A new life lies ahead, one that’s exciting and different, full of friends, love and fun times.

I acknowledge the wonderful experiences I’ve had in California, honor the people who’ve been such a big part of that life….and walk forward without hesitation to embrace the future with open heart and open arms.

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