A certain bond

September 3, 2009

“We have a certain bond,” the High-Tech Exec said to me as we ended our phone call today. “You’re like my rebellious younger sister.”

I am blessed with this wonderful ex-husband. All my life I’ve tried to be living proof that divorce can be civilized. In fact, I used to say ” if you loved someone once, they don’t become an asshole all of a sudden just because you can’t be married.”

Thank God for that sensible attitude, which allowed me to have ongoing, cordial friendships with my exes.

Those friendships have been wonderful over the years.

But my attitude paid off in spades when my first husband and true love remarried me in July after 30 years. I am still awed by it. And by him.

“I can tell by your tone of voice that this is very right for you,” the High-Tech Exec told me.

Yes. And by my body. Its language. And my language.

Ain’t love grand?

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