A chicken in every pot & a dog bed in every room

July 6, 2012

Dogs spend a good bit of their time snoozing, some 13 to 15 hours a day. That’s a lot of sleep. And it requires a comfy bed.  Or, if you are Riley, beds, with an s. Let’s walk through the beds in Riley’s crib.

On duty as perro-legal.

Riley and M share an office and, like any key male executive, Riley has a bed in his office.  This roomy-enough-to-stretch-out-in, comfy bed is his favorite. It was his sleeping spot at the Larkspur Landing Hotel in Sunnyvale, our temporary home when we first moved back to California in 2010. He liked it so much we bought it for him, and it remains his favorite bed.

Keeping me company while I cook.

Riley hang out with me when I cook, but he’s always underfoot, usually stretched out on the kitchen rug, right in front of the sink. I practically stepped on him numerous times.The kitchen bed was our solution. Now, we simply tell him to go to his kitchen bed, where he can doze or watch as I prepare meals. And he does. Don’t you love how he uses the edge as a pillow?

Taking a break from watching TV with the guys to pose

Riley in the family room with his brother, whom you can’t see, is a daily event. Riley, Little He and M. love to hang out like the Three Amigos, watching their favorite team, the San Francisco Giants. The family room is Little He’s primary room but Riley has his own bed there, too.

He works in my office, too.

Riley’s rhythmic breathing is the soundtrack in my own office, beat by beat by beat. Yes, Riley claims every room as his own. This is actually a flat, fuzzy cat bed that was practically new when my last cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I covered it with an old pillow case and he loves it. You can see how he paws at it to mess it up so it’s perfectly comfy.

Note plaid puppy blanket that came with him in 2007.

This round bed’s in our bedroom and is where he likes to sleep at night with his original puppy blanket. Well, that’s not exactly true. He also sleeps on a hassock at the foot of our bed. But this is his bedroom bed.

He likes to sleep on our bed best, but he’s possessive of it and turns into snarling Cujo if we dare disturb his slumber. He is NOT allowed to sleep with us. But he can hang out there with me before bed. Here’s how we know it’s his favorite place.

Where he feels most comfortable: on our bed.

Riley’s advice to your dog is this: If you spend most of your day sleeping, it’s a good idea to have a bed in every room.

And he should know.

8 comments on “A chicken in every pot & a dog bed in every room
  1. Riley knows all about comfort! I wish my schnauzers slept that much…

  2. Joyce says:

    It seems like my dogs can make themselves comfortable anywhere.


  3. ADORABLE!!! Spending some time in Ontario visiting my daughter, she has a HUGE Rottweiler and well he is so active..cuz we are. Outside and he can’t wait to join us. It makes me think of my two back at home; American Bulldog and MinPin, they are as active as I am on my days off. You know what that is??? NILL and yes they sleep all day near me. Humm..i think i need a life style change.

    Really enjoyed the pics!!!!! Sweet story indeed

  4. Ye gods. I hope my mother never sees this post. Her dogs will have little beds in every room of her house. 🙂

  5. Susan Dusterhoft says:

    I like his style! To bad we can’t have a bed in every room too!

    Susan Dusterhoft
    Today’s Working Woman

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