A day in the city by the bay

January 2, 2012

Sister-diva arrived from Bakersfield on Friday and as part of our visit, we couldn’t resist a drive to San Francisco on New Year’s Eve. We hit up the Ferry Building and then had some brunch at The Plant Cafe on the Embarcadero. Best of all, I found a great parking lot for next time I’m in the City. Which is at least every week, if not more often. And since it was New Year’s Eve:Wine store all decked out on New Year’s Eve.
At the Ferry Building, an entire stand devoted to funghi of all kinds. Beautiful. A fancier outlet than I’ve seen in mushroom-loving Italy, but the mushrooms were fresh and gorgeous. Then we took a nice long walk in the sunshine to Fisherman’s Wharf.
Iconic San Francisco duo: Ghirardelli and cable cars.
Oh, before I forget: There were actually three people texting at this table of four for breakfast in San Francisco. The third one is next to the guy and you can just make out her hand. No one was engaged in conversation, three were staring at their phones and tap-tap-tapping. The other was trying every so often to converse. I couldn’t help but wonder what they were missing by not enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company. Sorry, Miss Manners would NOT approve. In someone’s company, put away the phone.
Can you imagine buying mini-donuts by the bucket? They didn’t even look that good.
Fisherman’s Wharf specialty.
However, this would be a great palliative for life’s boo-boos. Love it.
Even better: gorgeous, blue-sky days in the city by the bay. Who wouldn’t love San Francisco?

2 comments on “A day in the city by the bay
  1. Ally Rose says:

    Hahaha believe it or not, those mini donuts are to DIE for!! I get them every time I go to Fisherman’s Wharf..Ohh, how I missing living so close to S.F 🙁

    BTW- I received my gift, weeks ago actually, and I wanted to send you a big THANK YOU. :)Sorry for being late.

  2. I know–I wish we’d bought our house there. Oh, glad you got it! Just a little thought. Hope all’s well with you, let me know what’s goin’ on….

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