A dog’s life

June 15, 2014

It’s time for Riley’s favorite thing. That’s a walk, which means he needs to be snapped into his harness, which is now getting a little ratty.  I’ll be looking for a new one, soon.

I’d actually like one that has a D-ring apparatus that won’t slip open when he pulls on it–on this harness I’ve had to duct tape the loop to the D-ring so it won’t slip out, because he doesn’t like to heel. That dog can truck on out and has pulled the loop right out of the D-ring. Leaving him leashless. Loose. And at risk. Until I taped it.

But that means I can’t remove the leash from the harness. All ideas welcomed.

Our view of the walk

At the start of his walk he’s full of energy and on point, ready to explore. The great outdoors beyond our back yard is a joyful place for him, full of exciting sights, sounds and….

…smells. Always the first sniff is in the bushes that belong to our next door neighbor. Always.

Further down, these river rocks must be a favorite place for other dogs because he examines them quite closely.

We think he’s found some pee-mail to read.

But grass is better for leaving commentary of his own.

Sniff too far in and you might find something good. Or surprising. As happened when a little fruit rat popped out once. Whoa! He’s always on the lookout for another now.

Pondering whether to comment on a blog post or not.

Boy dogs love dirt and Riley’s sniffer works overtime on his walks. We think he’s a natural for nose work.  But all that time outside seems to have made allergies act up. His eyes discharge crud and he rubs at them, and they got very, very red. So off to the vet we went.

Riley dog looking out car window
Allergies and itchy eyes.

great dane rhodesian ridgebackI saw the Ridgeback first but then the Dane came in out of my field of vision. I was looking the other way, telling M. to keep the Ridgeback away but on my blind side the huge Great Dane was two inches from Ri, whose eyes got round as saucers. He didn’t make a peep. For a change. I mean, that Dane’s snacks are larger than Riley. The the Dane decided to go play with someone more his size.

great dane rhodesian ridgebackAwfully nice dogs. Kept Riley’s mind off the vet.

Riley dog in e-collarAbraded his cornea scratching and had to wear this. But, healed in a few days, so the cone could come off.

Dog sleeps on bookWhich made sleeping on this book so much easier. Also doing doga–dog yoga–below.

Riley yoga

He’s cute, no?

RileyI am madly in love with this dog, in case you didn’t know.

19 comments on “A dog’s life
  1. I LOVE this post. Fun read.

  2. Ryder Ziebarth says:

    Very loving post. I get it. Petal and I are joined at the hip and foot. She is a natural pack follower, no leash anywhere. Will stop on a dime if I tell her to. But its innate,which is why I am learning. Atti is an Alpha female and won’t listen to a word-she’ll be on a lifer -on-leash. About to do training in July, so I’ll let you know how it goes. Never used a train, but this puppy is pistol.
    Riley is adorable and looks like excellent company for Momma.

    • OMG how lucky you are that Petal obeys. Riley is also alpha, so you can imagine. You and Petal sound like Riley and me. We are super-attached, and since Little He’s passing, Ri has become a lot more needy. He is also a clear communicator. He asks for dinner, asks for his walks (no, demands them) and even asks for a ride in the car. Someone once told me “you never get the dog you want but you always get the one you need.” Ri is a challenge but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, I would. But it’s not up to me. LOL

  3. I hate it when my dog has to wear one of those cones! It’s the worst. He looks so miserable. Cute post Carol.

  4. We have a fur child too, so I totally “get” it. Dino’s walks sound a lot like Riley’s. A friend had him for a weekend while we were away and counted 15 stops for sniffs in a walk around their block. We say that he has to decide whether any particular spot is WOP (worthy of pee). Dino is a 25 pound cockapoo—also terrible on a leash. My sister-in-law got him a training harness with the ring that goes under his body. He doesn’t seem to mind wearing it and it greatly reducies the pulling. He also can’t be off lead. Although he’ll do just about anything I tell him to if I have a treat in my hand—-he won’t “work” for no food, so he’s not allowed off leash. “You make your bed, …….”

  5. Roz Warren says:

    I could look at dog photos (and read posts about dogs) all day. And isn’t that really what the internet is for?

  6. I never even thought about a dog having allergies. Good to know!

  7. Kathy says:

    He is such a cute dog! My dog Kibbles is my constant companion. Kibbles is part beagle so when we go for walks her head is buried in the ground sniffing every step. Great post

  8. Yes, adorable and super cute! I am a dog-lover so I love meeting fellow fur-baby-mamas. 😉

    We have two, a boy and a girl, much bigger than your pup, but just as sweet and fun.

  9. Karen says:

    What a sweetie! Oh, and you have a nice dog, too. 😉

  10. Linda Roy says:

    Ohhhh….what a sweetie pie! You know I’m a dog person. I loved this. Give Riley a smooch for me, okay?

  11. Tea says:

    She’s very obedient and cute.

  12. Stepheny says:

    wow, really Nice post and very nice photos.Your dog is very adorable. start of his walk, he’s full of energy and on point, ready to explore. The great outdoors beyond our backyard is a joyful place for him, full of exciting sights, sounds and, very nice share. Thanksss

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