A fervent prayer

March 19, 2011
We are aging, there’s no way around it, and many of us are paying for the “sins” of our past. It’s a time of life when we and our peers find ourselves afflicted with all sorts of ailments.

Some of us, though, have been afflicted with lifelong disease. My heart has always gone out to those who have always suffered.

I’m thinking of someone I’ve known all my life, who has one such problem.

And now, in our “senior” years, it it with the greatest of compassion
that I send this prayer to her:

2 comments on “A fervent prayer
  1. Anonymous says:

    did not see that one coming!
    love your blog!

  2. Diana Strinati Baur says:

    it’s just so much easier to bend down and smell the roses with said stick removed.

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