A few of my favorite things

October 19, 2012

Some things just make me happy. Here are a few:

I love salt water taffy. Even better than chocolate.
It may just be my all-time favorite candy. 
In the world. 
A cup of strong coffee and a blazing fire
in the fireplace on a winter day.
Winter is coming and so is a blazing fire.

A soak in  a hot tub when I’m tired and sore.
The best thing ever is Burke Williams’ spa access.

Reclining with a good book on a pile of fluffy bedroom pillows.
This happens all the time. ALL the time.
And don’t I wish that were my bed.

Girly-girl nail polish. Or fun shades. I have a box full.
Half the time I can’t decide which color to use.

A tall stack of books.
I was awake at 2am the other night perusing my own stack.
Then I climbed in the guest room bed so I wouldn’t disturb
M. and read an entire book cover to cover before 5am.

I love a beautiful hibiscus.
We have a bunch of them in our yard now
and I had one just like this outside my kitchen window in Tampa.

Leaving on a jet plane for some exotic place.
Or maybe any place at all.

A cozy spa robe after a hot shower.

Girlfriends getting together. For any reason.

All good, right? 

Lipstick. I know, half the time I forget to apply or reapply. But I still like the idea of it.

Our cute, fuzzy dog who owns the world.

Our sweet old dog warming his old bones in the chilly predawn.

Men’s style flannel pajamas when it’s really cold.
Flannel is the best winter fabric ever.
Yes, I know.
Not very alluring.

Better, right?
But not very warm.
Life is such a tradeoff, no?

And your favorite things? Inquiring minds want to know.

6 comments on “A few of my favorite things
  1. Mmmmmm….salt water taffy. I try to avoid that stuff, as it’s like crack for me.

  2. Mmmmm….salt water taffy. I try to avoid that stuff, as it’s like crack for me! 🙂

  3. Me, too. Can’t have just one!

  4. Grace Hodgin says:

    I am addicted to peanut butter kisses. I don’t buy them because I just keep eating them. I loved your photo journey through your favorite things.

  5. Jennifer Comet Wagner says:

    Coffee, ice cream, books and massages. I’m simple.

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