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May 13, 2009

There is so much going on in my partner’s life, we’ve decided that I’ll take the business forward the rest of the year, while she works out her situation. She is a wonderful person and we were looking forward to doing this together, but there was so much on her plate it wasn’t possible. We’ll re-evaluate at year-end.

I’m going to change the name and do a little more focused planning this month and I am putting off the first workshop a month. I’m still thinking that I’ll start in Tampa. But if we find a home in California this week, or decide for sure that we want to move there, then I will do some in California sooner.

The conference I attended half of yesterday was excellent and I was sorry to miss the second half. The ideas kept coming. But before I left I managed to buy two books about marketing to Boomer women and I’ll read them on the plane.

Riley is doing better. He’s not a ball of fire this morning, but he never was a morning dog. I am going to take him out this morning while the maids are here, and then watch him til afternoon, THEN bring him to the kennel. He pooped normally. Doesn’t seem to be drinking a whole lot of water though.

FLH arrives at 4pm. We head to the caterer’s for a tasting right away. Then the DJ comes over. And our plane leaves at 6:15am tomorrow.

A full week ahead. Dinner with a girlfriend tomorrow night. Coffee with another friend on Friday morning. Los Gatos realtor all Friday afternoon. San Francisco realtor all Saturday. Dinner with ex client Sat. night. Big Sur and Monterey peninsula all Sunday. Los Gatos realtor again Monday afternoon. Whew!!

UT has asked me to teach writing for the second summer session. FLH suggests we wait till we look at real estate before I respond, as we might find a perfect house and be gone by then. Wow, that would be great!

Of course, the moderate northern California climate is gone this week, in favor of a heat wave which is counter to everything I told FLH about living there. He can’t grasp why A/C is not standard in northern California, and for sure he won’t grasp it this week. Shoot–MAY HEAT. I hate global warming.

Thanks for the kind thoughts about Riley. Keep them coming! It’s inexplicable so far. But I am hoping he’ll be ok while we are gone.

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