A simple question

June 23, 2010

I had an email from a friend this week with a very interesting question.

So, he asked, what’s on your planning horizon now?

You know how people who know you well can ask one simple question, the one that zeroes in on the one big issue you’re struggling with?

Yeah. Like that one.

That IS the question of the hour.

I’ve worked my entire adult life. My job, career, whatever I was doing (and usually plural) defined and structured my life. Everything else was built around that. Even my planning horizon.

But now, I’m not sure what defines me.

I am “retired.”

Other than blogging, I’m struggling with the motivation to write.

I’d like to teach again, but have only gotten as far as a little research to find colleges with programs in which I could teach.

I’m on the cusp of doing some consulting for someone I know.

Right now, I don’t even know what a planning horizon is. The days blend one into the other. I see my friends here. I miss my friends in Florida. I love on Riley. I pet Tink and Little He (George). We travel. I read. I watch videos. I avoid cleaning and organizing.

I know there are women who have done this most of their lives. But I haven’t. I’ve always had a career, earned a good living, had so many things on my plate I could rightfully whine.

And then, a hard stop. So: who am I? And what is on my planning horizon? (Damn you, Steve, for asking it out loud!)

It’s a strange feeling, this having to re-create myself from scratch. I think I just need to sit with it awhile.

Not struggle against it.

Not try to force something to happen.

Just sit and see what comes up.

(Boy, is that hard!)

2 comments on “A simple question
  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a great saying…”I am NOT my job.” It is amazing how people identify with labels and titles and all the trapings of what people think of you based on the job that you do. Being retired is a job, it is a full time job.

    You do not have to plan anything you are retired…you do NOT have to re-create yourself…you can take a break and love and like yourself for exactly who and what you are and what you are doing this very minute. There are no rules, there are no rule books…enjoy your freedom.

    Right now you should be having the time of your life!


  2. You’d be surprised at the adjustment “freedom” requires. I certainly was! Regardless, I have a great life and am having the time of my life.

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