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November 18, 2009

We actually have a lease now, and that means we’ll be moving in January. YAY!

Sunnyvale is a nice little city that was once considered one of the best-run in the nation. It floated on that reputation for a while; and the city was my client for a while.

I had lunch with that client, the former city manager, earlier in the year; he is now Pinellas County administrator, a job that brings him home to Florida.

Rumor has it that downtown Sunnyvale is being significantly renovated into a charming, pedestrian-friendly village. I don’t know how far along they are, but if it’s done soon, it’s certainly a plus for the location of our house.

There’s a lot to do before we go. M. has completely emptied his Coral Gables house and the workers begin this week. Once painting and floors are done, several prospective buyers will see it. And then it goes on the market. Interest is already high.

We’re probably going to also sell my Tampa house. We just had a big section of the roof re-done, the interior termite damage repaired and I had the interior nicely painted in 2006. Mostly it’ll be packing up, cleaning and getting the dogs out.

Furnishing the Sunnyvale house is high on our list, because we’ve both gotten rid of a lot of furniture. We’re making a quick trip right after Christmas to measure the rooms and to see some hot furniture consignment stores my girlfriend likes. I am nearly beside myself at the prospect of 5 bedrooms! That’s 2 offices (one for me and one for M. and Riley to share), a guest room, an exercise room and a MBR.

It’s going to be fun to be back in my old stompin’ grounds again and to introduce M. to the area.

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