A tale of tiger lilies, sunshine and the sweetness of friendship

July 31, 2013
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This sweet little book copyrighted 1965 sits on a shelf in my living room.

When it comes to friends, I’ve been really, really lucky. I don’t connect with everyone–I like my friends to be a little on the crazy side. Oh, nothing that requires medication, necessarily, but just a shade off the norm.

But when I like you? I really, really like you. Yes, just like Sally Fields.


like reciprocal

A real friendship is reciprocal.

Oh, I don’t mean that you take me to coffee twice and I take you twice, too. I mean that we like one another.

We have that thing that starts with a spark of recognition which serves as a catalyst for the nonstop chemical reaction called friendship. And it goes round and round in a never-ending loop.

like choose I have had friendships for a season and friendship for a reason, but there’s nothing like a friendship that lasts a lifetime. And maybe we don’t see one another for a long time, but when we do? Bam! That chemical reaction kicks in again. We can’t help but choose the other again and again.

Now THAT’s friendship.

It’s true that I’ve lived in a few different places and had a few different friends. Hardly ever a “group” of friends, because I’m a Chinese restaurant kind of girl: I prefer one from Column A and one from Column B.  Homogeneity? B-o-r-i-n-g.

But way back in junior high I had a best friend.  We weren’t exactly alike, and yet, BAM!  It happened.

And we were friends all through adolescence and college. Oh, the teenage angst!

I was “Sunshine” and she was “Tiger Lily.”  It was, after all, the 1960s.

And then I got married, she got married, we lived thousands of miles apart and we lost touch.

But then, last year, we reconnected and, that’s right: BAM!

There it was again.

Looking around her home, I just had to comment on her artwork. She is, after all, an artist.

“I love word art,” I said.

“So do I!” she said. And she’d done some of it.

Her cats lounged around like mine used to.

And she had the only remaining photos of my wedding to M back in 1972.  She was a bridesmaid, of course.


 This month, on my birthday,  a little package from her arrived in the mail.

like cover

That’s right. It was this little book.  And it had special meaning, because inside, I found this:

That shining sun? Me. "Sunshine"

That shining sun? Me. “Sunshine”

It was a book I’d given her back in the 1960s. I’d inscribed it, too.

A pretty good gift, wouldn’t you say?

But the best gift of all is her continuing friendship.

Because, Tiger Lily:

like last

xoxox from Sunshine

10 comments on “A tale of tiger lilies, sunshine and the sweetness of friendship
  1. Pam Houghton says:

    What a charming story! Loved it!

  2. Frances D says:

    Now that’s a friendship – one where you pick up right where you left off.
    Very nice first visit to your blog.

    • admin says:

      Welcome! Glad to have you. Something new every day and I love doing givewaways–not sponsored, just because. I hope you’ll come by often!

  3. b+ says:

    Oh Carol, this is just so darling and wonderful. I need this book really, really bad! So you can guess what I will buying before long. Thank you for sharing this story. The “I like you.” is just perfect.

    This has happened to me in my lifetime on many occasions. The last time was when I found a high school classmate last summer. I had not seen her for over 50 years. She had been living only 6-7 blocks from me. We had dinner again last night. I will not be neglecting her ever again.


    • admin says:

      Wow, so close! How lovely that you reconnected after all this time. And the bond, still there. Nice!

  4. Susan Cooper says:

    What a beautiful story about friendship. There is a reason people come into our lives and your friend is one of those examples. 🙂

  5. I treasure my friends. A friend of mine once said, “Your kids grow up & leave, husbands come and go, but you gotta hang on to your friends!” Amen.

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