A time when bells on bobtails rang

December 15, 2010

How many Christmas cards have you received so far this season? We’re getting fewer and fewer Christmas cards each year, now that snail mail is out of style. The art of the Christmas card is a thing of the past. A beautiful card with a well-crafted personal message from someone I hardly ever see? It makes the season. But people just don’t take the time to write any more. Except for those long, newsy holiday letters and I do love those.

I like fun e-cards, but certainly don’t miss the many impersonal, preprinted holiday greetings with preprinted signatures. You know, the kind that folks just cram in an envelope and send without even signing their name or a “Merry Christmas.”

There was a day, though….

Vintage cards are especially beautiful. They carry me back in my imagination to a different time. A time when kids (and adults) were less cynical, when bells on bobtails actually rang, spirits were truly bright and when Christmas was a magical time of year and not just a shopping opportunity.

Why not take a minute from your busy day, sit with these evocative vintage Christmas cards and ponder days gone by?

And of course, if you’re looking for something creative to do next year for your own card, here’s an idea:
It’s the wings.

The last nine cards are from www.thriftshopromantic.blogspot.com

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