A work in progress

October 10, 2014

LightbodySometimes I think I’ve come a long way and other times I can see all too clearly that I am still a work in progress.

Did you read the graphic, above? One of my dearest friends keeps this with her at all times, and, knowing it would be helpful, sent it to me not too long ago with the following note:

I read it a few times a week & recite it like a prayer. It has been very helpful to keep ME balanced so that I can find more peace with personal relationships. As well as keeping me on my spiritual path.
BUT I have to tell you…some days it comes easy and some days it ain’t happening! HA!  BUT, I keep working on it. Every day.

Laughing, I had to admit she was right. No matter how strong our intention, some days these wonderful choices elude us, for whatever reason.

How many times do we beat ourselves up for not having come far enough on our human –and spiritual–paths?  Maybe the most helpful — and spiritual–concept is the one in her note to me. This one:

BUT I keep working on it. Every day.

When talking about works in progress, the operative word is “work.”  It acknowledges that we realize when we fall short and resolve to take actions that are more positive and life-affirming.

“Choice” is a related word, because it recognizes that we can choose our response to any given situation.

Like anyone else, I have my moments.  My moments.  You know the ones. When I’m crabby and not feeling all that loving. Or think, how the eff could she do that?  or when I want to live in the past or way out in the future.

If we’re doing the work, if we’re trying to live a more conscious life, if we’re choosing love above all else?

Then we’re on the right path.

I love this quote and now it’s posted in my office where it reminds me every day to choose to live heaven.

4 comments on “A work in progress
  1. We are all striving. No one is 100% completed….or they aren’t on earth anymore! At least, that’s what I believe on a good day.

  2. This is why I love your blog, you consistently talk about the fact that you continually work on your own spiritual awareness and growth; not everyone lives their life like that and I’m always so happy to meet someone else working on the same path. Hope you’re having a fabulous time in Italy!

  3. Lana says:

    I’m such a work in progress too – but I guess we all are. I love what you wrote, because we all have those days where we falter. But there is always tomorrow, and the hope that the path will become clearer. Living in the moment is so important, and I am constantly striving for that. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I think when we quit working like learning we might as well be dead.

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