The best thing about having a dog

November 3, 2015

dirty dogsWandering around Santa Fe, I came across so much dog inspiration that I simply had to do a post that was all about dogs. Well, to be honest, Riley made me post this. And, he told me that yes, it’s true, dirty dogs DO have more fun.
about-dogsBut, he said, there’s nothing more fun than hanging out with me. I feel the same way, little guy!

personal TThis is absolutely true. If you have an energetic dog who loves to walk, consider him your personal trainer. Despite the altitude here in Santa Fe, Riley insists on going down big hills that we need to come back up later.
be ballThe zen of dog play, for sure.
sleep aloneThat’s the other thing about having a dog. You really never do sleep alone.

about-dogsRiley endorses this post. Completely. And, he wants me to ask you: What do you think the best thing about dogs is? Whether you have a dog or not, he wants to hear your thoughts in the Comments section below. Thank you!

22 comments on “The best thing about having a dog
  1. I’ve gradually turned into a cat person over the years, but you still can’t beat a dog for unconditional devotion and the sheer joy they show in greeting you when you come home!

  2. Dogs lower your blood pressure. True scientific fact.
    It also means something to me that SOMEONE cares DEEPLY that I’ve gone upstairs.
    Or downstairs.
    I am her safe place, her adored one, her raison d’être.
    It’s a big job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

  3. Mary says:

    Oh, there are so many things to love about having a dog! I think the thing I love most is the way they greet every day with the energy and excitement of 2 year-old, regardless of their age.

  4. Lee Gaitan says:

    The best thing about dogs is…everything! Except maybe the hair. And rolling in dead stuff. But that’s about it. 🙂

  5. Debbie D. says:

    SO many great things about having a dog! The best ones are their unconditional love and their empathy. Dogs always know when you’re sad or not feeling well and do their best to make you feel better.
    Riley is a cutie! 🙂

  6. Jennifer says:

    Dogs love you unconditionally and I need that most days!

  7. The love, the laughter, the snuggling, just to name a few things I love about them. They are very intuitive beings and I find that spiritually uplifting. I can’t imagine life without them.

  8. I wish I could post a photo of my two rescue Goldens, Luke and Lucy, so they could say hello to Riley. They sleep with us, and follow me EVERYWHERE. I love them, and I love dogs in general, and animals in general, and …. well, that’s what I have to say!

  9. Kimberly says:

    My grandmother told me you should walk your dog every day, whether you have one or not. I obviously need to heed that advise.
    Kimberly XO

  10. The best thing about my dogs – or ONE OF, since there are so many – is the sense of protection that they give me. For example, even though they LOVE my boyfriend, when he’s telling me a story and gets animated, my dogs mistake this as a possible aggression towards me and will gently lay down between us.

  11. I have cats. They don’t go outside, but they do claim their portion of the bed, and i cannot imagine my life without them. I like dogs, and think they are fantastic. But i live in a one bedroom with a cats only policy.

  12. I have cats, and feel the same way

  13. Oh, this makes me miss our dogs so much. It’s going to be time for a new furry family member soon …

  14. My dogs would be delighted if we let them sleep with us. Alas, that’s the cats’ spot. BUT, the dog’s do have their own bedroom… and own beds. (The pointer/pit gets a triple-stacked bed because my husband show’s favoritism.)

  15. T.O. Weller says:

    There are so many things, I don’t know where to start! Our little George makes us laugh everyday and when I pick him up, he finds a way of snuggling in like my arms and lap were made for his little body. Oh, and then there’s the way he wakes up and rushes to the kitchen at the slightest sound of any plastic bag, no matter what time of day or night. I could go on and on and on …

  16. Tracy Corral says:

    I would get out and walk every day with my Chihuahua-Daschund mix, Christie. We would march at least 2 miles in the morning and a mile or so in the afternoon. She adopted us when we went to a no-kill shelter to look for a furry baby and was my husband’s and my faithful female companion, snuggling with us on cold days and burrowing under the bed covers on cold nights. She was with us for 16 years, then suddenly became very sick and died a day later. I’ve been trying to honor her memory by walking 2 miles every morning and trying to get in a walk in the afternoon. I’m getting better.

  17. k says:

    I rescue Goldens. The best thing is watching them learn how to be dogs rather than breeders confined to a cage, putting out litters one after another. They don’t know how to play, throw a ball and they have no idea what “fetch” means. Loud noises spook them. Watching them overcome their fears, learn to sleep in a real dog bed, get all spiffed up at the groomer, and jump for joy when I come home, and knowing they have a good forever home is priceless.

  18. Janie Emaus says:

    We just got a puppy and he’s been ruling our life!

  19. Linda Roy says:

    Riley’s adorable! I hear ya 150%! We have two pugs, but at one time we had four. We’re all about our pups. ????

  20. Roz Warren says:

    LOVE this post. And Captain — my fluffy, 5 pound personal trainer — did too.

  21. Susan says:

    For some reason, I’ve been moving closer and closer to adopting a little one like Riley. Not sure why, or when, but those unclear instincts are usually the ones worth following up on in my experience.

    This kind of nudged me along, of course.

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