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December 13, 2022

about-kindnessHaving had about all I can take with the vitriol and unkindness shown on social media, I’ve significantly reduced the amount of time I spend there. Why is it so hard to approach everything with kindness? To be about kindness?

Some examples

I’m in a group of Etsy Sellers meant to share information and be of support. But increasingly, someone will ask a reasonable question and there are always a few who respond with a nasty comment. For no reason. Really? Why? Someone asks for help and the response is along the lines of why are you so stupid?

The Queen died. A family lost their matriarch, a country lost a symbol of stability. The women is not responsible for colonization. She did not acquire blood diamonds, herself. She really had no power. We, in our very young country, can not even begin to understand.  Is there really a need to call for her to die an excruciatingly painful death? WTF?

Facebook friends said they were tired of the nonstop coverage of events in Britain. Oh, they didn’t just say they were tired of it. Was it necessary to make vile comments online? Couldn’t you have just watched something else? It’s not like other content isn’t widely available.

People are announcing how they have blocked and unfriended this one or that one.  It’s a STATEMENT. Of OUTRAGE. Of SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS. Meanwhile, I am quietly blocking and unfriending the uncivilized on my list. Social media are not an airport. We do not have to discuss departures.

This failure to be about kindness is a result of the bully pulpit of social media, I am convinced of it. Some really unkind souls have driven teens and others to suicide.

Can’t we just stop a minute before we respond and ask ourselves if we are responding with kindness?

Look, when it comes to horrific political posts I’m not so kind. But when someone is open-hearted about asking for help, or posting something else that shows their vulnerability, must we shoot them down?

Yep. A social media fast is in order.

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5 comments on “Thoughts about kindness
  1. Diane Tolley says:

    My mother would be horrified. And as she is my benchmark for kindness, I will follow her lead. Thank you, Carol, for all you do to promote kindness!

  2. I would be happy if just plain civility came back. It’s almost like a civil war on certain platforms.

  3. You raise such good questions, Carol. Trying to be active, speak out and yet be mindful and kind is most important. Thanks for the reminder.

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