I like Geography best, he said
because your mountains and rivers
know the secret:
pay no attention to boundaries.
~Brian Andreas, Storypeople

As a lifelong writer, I’m driven to let readers into the Aladdin’s Cave that is my life. My world overflows with bright colors, laughter and variety, and so does my brain. All that stuff has to go somewhere—and this is where.

Truth is stranger than fiction and that’s never been truer than in my life. My first husband and I remarried 27 years after our divorce — 27 years during which we both had full other lives and never even saw each other. The life he and I have now is beyond my wildest imaginings. {Yes, a memoir is in progress.}

We live in the San Francisco Bay area. To be exact, we live in San Jose, a city of a million people smack dab in the middle of what’s known as Silicon Valley. My creative community and many of my delightful friends are in San Francisco, and that’s part of what I consider my home territory.

Beautiful places enrich my life and my writing. I was raised in Rochester, NY but I left young and have lived on the Monterey peninsula, including in Carmel {way too precious for me}, in Tallahassee and Tampa, and spent long periods of time working outside of Boulder, Colorado.

I have a pretty traditional career history. Long stints as a corporate communications executive, including many years in large Silicon Valley tech companies, were followed by 13 years as senior vice president in a consulting firm. As both an adjunct and part-time professor, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching business and writing to incredible, inspiring, bright young people.

My dog is a delight and a preoccupation and travel is my middle name. I keep a suitcase half packed at all times and if our dogsitter is available, we’re apt to take off at the drop of a hat. We try to plan big exotic trips every year—Morocco, India, Africa—and fill in with places like the Canadian Rockies, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England, Paris, Manhattan, Florida, Santa Fe—if I listed them all I’d run out of room. How lucky I am that my husband also loves to journey.

Painting my life in every color of the rainbow—and more—is my goal. I hope you’ll come along and visit often.

Contact me at ccassara (at) aol.