Advice for fathers

August 12, 2012
This is absolutely true
and I’m sure some parents just don’t think about it.
I know men who swear up and down that they will 
be the kind of husband their fathers were.
And 25 years later
there they are
exhibiting the
their fathers did.
Kids are taking it all in
even when we think they 
Even when they don’t even know. themselves, that they are.
Something dads should keep in mind.
{yes, of course,
this is true of mothers, as well}
2 comments on “Advice for fathers
  1. Peggy Strack says:

    This is so true. Parents expect their children to behave one way, but they themselves act another. Children will learn from example, not direction. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Yes, it’s hard to understand that kids see EVERYTHING and are taking it all in quietly. One day it has to come out, even if they’re 50. Sad case that I’m seeing right now, myself.

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