Dead or alive, it’s all the same

June 24, 2015

No+Death+Change+of+Worlds-1My spiritual journey has been going on a long time…a very long time. After decades of exploration, I ended up with a belief structure that’s not particularly traditional, but it is what it is. And actually, it’s more a “knowing” than a belief.  I present some of my thoughts about it here with no need for you to believe the same way. Everyone’s journey is different.

I believe that when our work on earth is done, we move on to another world, one we can’t even imagine. Earth isn’t just a planet, it’s Soul School, and here, we’re meant to learn and grow in love and light. All of the things that happen to us are meant as lessons, even the hard stuff. Especially the hard stuff. And then, one day, we’re ready to move on.

Sometimes, we’re here more to serve others than we are to learn. Maybe that’s what happens when a loved one is taken “too soon”–they are meant to teach us something. But there is no “too soon.” There is, however, always a reason, even if we don’t see it yet.

And while traditional religious beliefs are often big on judgment, that’s not what happens at all. I feel pretty certain of that because I got a little peek into how our lives on earth are planned during a between lives regression. In the process, I lost some of my fear of death and began to really understand it as a transition to the next stage of being. We never really die, and the whole eternal life scenario has absolutely nothing to do with the specific religion we follow.

Could it be that afterlife, or after life, is really just a continuation? Life after life?

Dead or alive, it’s all the same.
I read those words in the memoir of one of the afterlife researchers I most admire, Raymond Moody, MD, PhD and I think it sums up what I’ve learned in my own spiritual explorations.  What I’ve come to KNOW.

I’ve told my children that when I die, to release balloons in the sky to celebrate my graduation. For me, death is a graduation. ~Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

In fact, when you know, there is no need to believe in anything. Belief systems look to me like our primitive attempts to make sense of the unseen, to force it into some human structure. If we think about it, the Son of God is no different from the sun god of ancient cultures. But it’s impossible to look at spirituality with any human structure, really, because it’s not human, not at all. A French Jesuit priest once said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the reverse. I so get that now.

Which is why most belief systems don’t free us as much as they weigh us down with fear and fantasy.  The idea that we’ll be punished for our transgressions? That’s not how it works. That is, however, the way people were kept in line way back when. Through fear. And while it might be nice to think about floating on clouds surrounded by harp-playing angels, it’s not what happens. Fear and fantasy –the basis of most organized religions — are part of the reason we fear death.

There is no reason to fear death.

As Edgar Cayce once wrote,

“It is not all of life to live, nor yet all of death to die.
For life and death are one, and only those who will consider the experience as one
may come to understand or comprehend what peace indeed means.”

Death comes to us all. No one is immune from it. And there is nothing to fear, because what lies ahead is more wonderful and fantastic than we can even imagine.

I’d love to hear about your own spiritual journey.

34 comments on “Dead or alive, it’s all the same
  1. Ryder Ziebarth says:

    Beautiful, Carol. Thank you. I miss my father so much, but have recently decided I can find him in the flowers.He was a consummate nature lover and gardener. My mother told me last night during our nightly check in, that this spring, their Trillium, my father’s favorite transplant into his understory near their kitchen window, produced at least 20 blooms instead of the usual four or five for the first time in 30 years. And every more unbelievably, one of the Home Depot orchids I bought for his memorial reception in my house last November–the kind of orchids which only bloom once–currently have four big buds ready to pop. Right now. They will be out by the time I get back from my grade school residency. I KNOW that is my Dad, letting me know he is near. By losing him, my beliefs have slowly transitioned, and I am more at peace.By reading your posts, my beliefs have transitioned into a more accepting view , a less sad, view, or life after living on earth. I so thank you for these messages.

  2. Carla says:

    I feel as though I just slowed down enough in life to start considering all of this the past few years. I love that my spirituality – – laid-back liberal Jews 🙂 – – allows space for these beliefs as well

  3. Robyn says:

    One of my goals has recently become to live my dash (you know, on a headstone there’s your birth year, then there’s your death year and the two are separated by a DASH) well, I want to make the most of my dash. Not worry about yesterday or tomorrow but simply be in today!
    Well done Carol!

  4. Andrea B. says:

    Carol, this is beautiful. It’s hard for me to go with it 100%, as I lost my dad too soon for my liking. But I do believe there is a higher power out there and he is safe, happy and well and watching. And I hope to recognize that he is okay and truly believe it someday. I think part of me does, but part of me is still bitter. But I also think that’s okay, too. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Elena Peters says:

    What lovely spirituality and perspective you have on life and death. I think to have a healthy, positive outlook about death is important or that we would constantly live in fear. I love your post and believe it will be very inspiring for many including myself. Thank you.

  6. Diane says:

    I totally believe that we go on. That this life is only a stepping stone to future unspeakably amazing experiences. I do belong to an organized religion, but one that teaches that we are not damned (in what has become the traditional sense) for our mistakes. That being damned, instead, is like being temporarily stopped – like a dam on a river – until we get things sorted out. At which time, we carry on, unimpeded, once more. That we are continually learning and growing. Forever. It gives me great comfort as I muddle through life!
    Beautifully done, Carol, as always. I love your clear, precise, logical and sensitive grasp of things spiritual. Oh, that everyone thought like you!

  7. Haralee says:

    Lovely post. I always enjoy your spiritualistic perspective!

  8. Our beliefs are so similar, and I agree that I just know. We are just spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

  9. What do you mean you had a “peek”? Sometimes I believe in the soul, in its progression, but other times I figure Occam’s Razor is correct: all things being equal, the simpler answer is usually the correct one. The simpler answer is that there is nothing after…do all creatures have a soul? Is the consciousness of a dog different from my own?

  10. Kim Tackett says:

    I love the idea of being in soul school. And I hope I am learning not to be afraid of either dying or of living.

  11. Lisa Froman says:

    It is all so fascinating and mysterious. …thanks for sharing your experiences so openly.

  12. Anita Irlen says:

    I think I’ll always be a skeptic, but I’m a skeptic on a journey. I really appreciate your posts. And I love how you talk about “knowing.” I find myself with Buddhists a lot, and I feel closest to that tradition because it’s gentle and accepting.


  13. I always find these conversations and writings fascinating, despite the fact I have no doubt I’m going to heaven. Always interesting to see what others think and believe.

  14. I guess in my spiritual journey I would have to say that I’ve just started and I only know what I don’t believe. I don’t believe in heaven and hell. the bible and religion. I would really love to be able to sit down over a drink and have a conversation about your experiences. I find this topic so fascinating and I always look forward to these posts the most!

  15. My husband is so with you on all of this. I’m not sure if I agree that “dead or alive, it’s all the same,” but I do love the idea of Earth as Soul School. Lots of great stuff to think about here.

  16. I love your posts on the after life and believe 100% but having had so much loss lately and now finding out my stepson is terminal I am wanting the answers to what the heck am I not learning here.

  17. WendysHat says:

    I agree and do believe that this is only the beginning. I also love releasing balloons and celebrating life when a loved one passes from this life to the next.

  18. Carolann says:

    I’ve held the belief from the age of 16 that this life was not our one true life and that we are a part of something far greater way beyond our physical bodies and understanding. Then – there are times I feel there is nothing beyond death except death itself. I guess we experience moments of doubt. I like to think that we are both right about things – I follow the same line of thinking and hope to keep my third eye open to continued understanding. Another thought provoking post Carol – loving it!

  19. Sarah says:

    I wish I had a strong belief that we don’t need to worry; that’s it’s all just ‘there’ waiting for us.

    Due to previous personal loss, I have had no sense yet of their being an after life and don’t feel any comfort from it. I’m hoping there is something beautiful out there, so that I can one day be reunited with the ones I’ve lost and will most maybe still lose before I go. 🙂

  20. Very interesting post. I love the quote about the balloons.

  21. Really interesting post. I love the quote about the balloons. I think that’s something I’d like.

  22. Nora says:


    This is a wonderful article and one I plan to keep and share with my grown children. So happy you included Kugler-Ross’s comment about the balloons. It’s perfect!

  23. Nora Hall says:

    This is a wonderful article that I plan to keep and share with my grown children. thank you for your well stated ideas and for including Kugler-Ross’s comment about the balloons.

  24. Carol, you articulated much of what I believe, but have never put into words. I saw Elizabeth Keubler-Ross many years ago and what she said made more sense that anything I ever heard. I’ve also read Moody’s book and they also strongly influenced my beliefs. I’ve said it before, I look forward to the day we meet IRL.

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