Aladdin’s cave: magic carpet theatre

March 26, 2012

Everything they say about rug dealers is true. But at Maison Berbere, it was so much more than just a rug store: it was carpet theatre. Our host was a real character. I’m calling him Aladdin, because when he rubbed his magic lamp, chests of magnificent treasures appeared.
Our visit to Aladdin’s cave began with mint tea. It’s only courteous to greet guests with tea. Below, one of the 40 Thieves (ok, so that’s mixing tales, Ali Baba had the thieves) using a bellows to get the fire going for the tea.
But while tea was brewing, Aladdin welcomed us by shaking rosewater on our hands, and then on M’s head, promising that hair would then grow. M was soaked in rosewater. So far, he’s still bald.
We had tea to prepare us for the schtick to come. But it was so worth it—when Aladdin went into his spectacular chests, treasures emerged.
I’d never seen rugs so vibrantly beautiful.

You’ll see from the videos below how Berber women make these lovely rugs.

This mirror was stunning.The carpets were absolutely beautiful.There’s only one way to describe this experience: magic carpet theatre. Be sure to play the videos to experience magic carpet theatre for yourself. Aladdin is both entertaining & informative, and so was his assistant, whom I’ll call Ali Baba.

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