If aliens came down…

April 9, 2024


If aliens dropped in on us today, they’d have questions. Oh, would they have questions.

Here are a few:

Why do so many women look alike, with crazy-smooth skin, big eyes, huge eyelashes, giant butt and boobs and features that are at best…amorphous? At worst they look like a big blob. What is that about?

How come nobody looks around at their surroundings? Everyone looks down at these small rectangular devices, even if they are walking around.

Do people not talk to each other? What is the power of these little hand-held devices that keep earthlings from interacting with one another? And what happened to grammar? Are they two related?

Why are people so filled with hatred? Even those who wear those crosses around their necks. Especially some of them.

Why do their religions propose to be about loving their brother but many of the congregants do anything BUT that?

What happened to the ability to think critically on this planet?

What ARE social media and why do they seem anything BUT social?

What are these people so afraid of? Why are they so driven by their fears?

These are a few of the questions I think they might have. What would you add to this list from your own point of view? I’d love to see your thoughts in the Comments section.



6 comments on “If aliens came down…
  1. Jennifer says:

    Why do they build idols of guns and bombs while professing love and peace?

  2. We watch a lot of scifi, and I honestly think more evolved races would cut and run… but then, I also think, wow, we live on the best planet we’ve been able to find! If we could just be better stewards of it.

    • I absolutely believe there are more evolved species on other worlds. It would be the height of arrogance to think we were all alone in theuniverse. We are terrible steards of what’s been gifted us.

  3. Laurie Stone says:

    Yes, so many questions indeed. It could be such a beautiful planet. Why so much ugliness?

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