The one, the only, the amazing…

September 4, 2020

Taken in Sonoma, Calif.

Let me introduce you to an amazing guy.

This man provides the foundation for my life. He is, to cut to the chase, amazing. I have known him since he was 21 years old (and I was 18) so I know just how amazing he is.

He is an amazing doggie dad to our two rescues…and they absolutely adore him. He was an incredible dad to Riley, LIttle He and the others, too. He is definitely a dog guy.

He is an amazing uncle to our nephews–just ask them. They’ll tell you.

My mother thought the sun rose and set on him. My father used to tell people he was a genius. They’re gone now, but I like to think they see that he is back in my life.

He is an amazing lawyer and thinker. I love his astute take on everything, especially current events, socioeconomic issues and politics.

He is a total romantic, and I am not kidding. The cards he buys for every holiday are more and more romantic every year.

He is my partner in all our exotic travels, and we have done some incredible trips together. We travel super-well together. We miss that and can’t wait till travel is safe once more.

But most of all, he is an amazing partner and husband. He is amazingly supportive of all of my many endeavors, and if you’ve ever gotten a package from my company, A Healing Spirit, he has probably sent it out. Yes, that’s how supportive he is. He is both a lawyer and my shipping department. Which is another reason why I absolutely adore him. How many guys would do that?

Any woman would be lucky to have the love of this man–but not just any woman has it– I am that lucky woman. Thank you for being the soul of our life together, Michael. I love you!

20 comments on “The one, the only, the amazing…
  1. Alice Van Cleave says:

    So sweet… looks like you are both the lucky ones!

  2. Jack says:

    Michael is the man. I first met you two over 40 years ago – and you both keep making the best is yet to come!!


  3. Robin Herman says:

    He is amazing. You are amazing. Your story together – the several chapters – is amazing.

  4. Donna says:

    I am so happy for you…

  5. Ricki says:

    He’s definitely a keeper <3

  6. Rena says:

    We are two very lucky women with a pair of amazing hot hubbies! I can not wait for you both to be on the right side of the country. Already planning a trip north next summer!

  7. Susan Fagin says:

    What a lovely write-up about your amazing hubbie! We always have so much fun traveling with you guys … hoping we can start up again some day soon. Love to both you and M. Susan

  8. Betty kaufman says:

    What a wonderful tribute!!!

  9. Beth Havey says:

    So happy for you Carol. Having a husband who supports you, loves you, encourages you is a true gift. I have John, and we celebrated 50 years of marriage just a week ago. We are now perfecting our new home in Chicago, he supportive of me as always. I miss California very much, but when Covid finally is in control, Chicago has open arms for me with friends, family, symphony, opera and theatre. One day at a time. Hugs, Beth

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