How to avoid analysis paralysis

August 26, 2021

analysis-paralysisEver found yourself spinning out about something in your life, unable to reach a decision? 

I have.

Maybe it’s a life change like a new job or relationship. In fact, most often, that’s what sends us into analysis paralysis.

Analysis paralysis is the circular reasoning that happens when you consider a change and instead of helping you decide, your thought process takes you right back to your initial question. Round and round. Frustrating.

I was listening to a friend do this kind of spinning out the other day. Back and forth. Yes and no. Leave or stay.

I could see the fear behind her confusion. She knew what she wanted to do, but it would be hard. She was scared.

Aren’t we all? At times and especially as we age, big life change is daunting.

So how to avoid analysis paralysis?

Listen to your own words and thoughts.

Dig deep into the truth of it. Are you afraid of…what? what are you afraid of? Does a fresh start scare you? Do you feel insecure about leaving the status quo?  

Is the familiar most comfortable? How much are you willing to give up to stay in your comfort zone?

List the pros and cons, then, compare them.

And the one question I’ve found most helpful over the years:

What’s the worst that can happen?

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7 comments on “How to avoid analysis paralysis
  1. Laurie Stone says:

    I think analysis paralysis keeps most people from going after their dreams. All the ‘what if’s’ take control. I’ve seen it happen many times. It makes me crazy since so many are wonderfully talented people that can’t get out of their own way.

  2. I can relate but mostly manage to get “unstuck.” It’s painful watching my partner still spinning, after years and years. Brilliant mind but he gets in his won way.

  3. I’m probably the opposite. I go impulsively into something and then figure it out as I go.

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