And just like that, we’re old

December 30, 2021



You know how we always suspected gyms secretly counted on on us buying  memberships we never used? I’d forgotten that I had Disney+. So as soon as I realized the sequel series to Sex and the City was just sitting there waiting for me, I had to watch.

Did I need that reminder that we have all aged?

For the record, I didn’t think And Just Like That was as bad as some critics.

I didn’t notice anything wrong with Charlotte’s face. I saw Miranda’s painful wokeness as nothing more than a caricature, although her golly-gee awakening was a little much..

But my biggest anxiety was this: why the hell didn’t Carrie immediately call 911? He was alive! Barely, but alive. SMH. The writers claim that Big’s death was to advance Carrie’s storyline, as in “it’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.” Well, every Hallmark movie and fairy tale takes exception to that and so do I. I WANTED them to have a happily ever after. But that would’ve been boring and since SJP is the power producer of the show….

That wasn’t the only big deal from the sequel. Even more significant was the stark reminder that these characters–and we–have all aged. Oh, they look great. But they’re no longer the hot career women we met all those years ago, and neither are we.

Those little reminders pop up all the time now and they always take me by surprise. How did we all get here so fast? The passage of time is puzzling. It seems to speed up with each year that passes.

I’m looking forward to spending a season with the SATC women and their fashions. Watching Charlotte’s kids, who both seem like fun characters. Getting annoyed by Miranda just as I did in the first go-round.

Marveling at Carrie’s gorgeous hair. Extensions, I’m sure, but just beautiful.

And, just for a moment, remembering the younger women they–and we–were.

Happily watching. Don’t let the critics put you off.
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6 comments on “And just like that, we’re old
  1. Lauren says:

    I feel like there is so much wrong with this reboot…more than what you stated here but seriously….WHY DIDN’T SHE CALL 911?

    • Well, yeah! 911. But convenient that she didn’t call 911, because his IRL wrong doings are all becoming public so it would’ve been difficult had he lived. They’d probably have to kill him off anyway.

  2. Haven’t watched it but in general I’m weary of reboots. Surely we can tell a new story…

  3. Diane says:

    This really makes me wish I’d watched it the first time around. I’m feeling rather…behind! ?

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