Another take on Mondays

June 13, 2011

Mondays would be fine if they didn’t follow a weekend. A weekend of sleeping in, having some fun and no work obligations for many.

I remember Mondays well from my working days. Still have them, because every Monday I set my alarm for 5:30am so I can see my trainer at 7:30am. Groan.

I like the idea of re-casting Monday as a “fresh start day.” A day when we can let go of the things we done in the past and do things differently. Starting today.

Monday’s a good day to feel free to change. Happy Monday. If you want a fresh start, it’s here waiting.

2 comments on “Another take on Mondays
  1. Care says:

    You really do love Redemption, don’t you Carol? New starts, peace within. There’s a plan, Sis. Honest

  2. No doubt on that; we just disagree about the details….

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