September 13, 2009

The suitcases are on the bed.

I’ve got zillions of empty hangers and their contents are folded.

Some are things I haven’t worn in a while, that fit again.

Protein bars are lined up like a platoon of soldiers, to safeguard my fitness progress.

My packing list is organized by category and I’m checking it off, one by one.

Our tickets, rental car voucher and Miami hotel confirmations are stacked nearby. We have to call on the rented GPS Monday, as we’ve heard nothing & just realized that.

In a week we’ll be on our way to Italia. Of course, it would be nice to have a private jet like the one in the picture. But no, we’ll be flying commercial.

I won’t be wearing a sharp outfit like that, either. I’ll probably be in a navy blue cotton lounger that I usually only wear on overseas plane trips.

Anticipation. Half the fun.

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