Apple faithful unhappy with Samsung ad

September 28, 2012

So what do you think of this Samsung ad that slams Iphone customers?? I

I have the Samsung phone and it’s my second Galaxy in 3 years. I also have three Apple computers at home, just so you know I like Apple products. I just don’t like the “cult.”

The Samsung ad was pretty accurate, actually, regarding the mindlessly cult-like behavior of many of the Apple faithful. At least I think so. After all, it’s just a phone.

What do you think?

And before you get too outraged, here’s the famous 1985 Lemmings ad that Apple ran introducing the Mac and characaterizing PC users as lemmings.

One comment on “Apple faithful unhappy with Samsung ad
  1. KL says it’s too hard to comment here (silly spam filters) so here is her comment from Twitter:
    “Samsung is lashing out at apple iPhone because they lost the lawsuit. Samsung doesn’t have ideas of its own. They steal from apple”

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