How I’m falling short of my aspirations, these days

November 9, 2021

Frustrations are invitations to clarity…
revealing how I wish to move through the world,
the standards I want to hold myself accountable to.
~Fia Skye’s newsletter on August 28, 2021

Here’s the post I saw:

“Please send prayers and healing wishes for us–we have Covid and are in the hospital.”

Looking at their social media feed, I see many photos of this happy family.

What I do not see is any mention of vaccination. Or masks. Or taking care.

I do not see anti-vax messaging but I see no evidence that this family has taken care to do just the basics to stay healthy.

And yet, the plea for prayers goes out.

My immediate thought was that they wouldn’t need those prayers and healing wishes if they’d taken basic preventive measures. Protected themselves and yes, others, too.

And then I thought, is that too harsh?

It isn’t that I begrudged them the prayers. I couldn’t help thinking why should we pray for you when you can’t even do the basics?

See what I mean about falling short of my aspirations for myself? Or is it they who are falling short?

I’d like to just accept the situation, pray and move on. But I couldn’t help the thought and then it became more than a thought. It became this post.

Here’s the rest of what Fia Skye wrote that day:

The thing I’ve wished for most in my life is wisdom…
and when you put that out into the universe,
you’ve got to expect there are going to be
a lot of challenges that grow you…

Apparently, this is one of those challenges.

What are your thoughts about this situation?

14 comments on “How I’m falling short of my aspirations, these days
  1. Laurie Stone says:

    I share your conflict about people who get sick with Covid, but did nothing to prevent it. I want to be compassionate, but another part gets mad and frustrated. I’m sure we’re not alone.

  2. Shari says:

    That’s pretty similar to the way I would have thought about it, then tried to feel compassion for these folks because either they were vaxxed and still got sick, or they are unable to think critically and make intelligent decisions in their own best interest. But yes, it would have been challenging, and the harsh thought would have come, and maybe not the softer ones.

  3. Diane says:

    I totally struggle with this. I’ve turned into this judgemental person I really don’t like very much.
    I’m determined to be better. Now I just pray first, then judge.
    Is that progress?

  4. Rena says:

    I am having such a hard time with this. I have those same feelings and then the immediate guilt, but damn. So many people died before the vaccine was available that would have given anything to get it and they waste it. It pisses me off and I hate that part of me, but some days it wins and some days it doesn’t

  5. Jim says:

    I know the correct answer. But, I’ve gotten fatigued with the bullheaded stubbornness of anti-vaxers that is largely responsible for the last wave of COVID in this country. Still, I try to be patient with them.

  6. river says:

    I am new here and may or may not stick around. I don’t think you are being too harsh, they knew the risks and chose to not vaccinate. You can feel sorry they are ill, and pray if you choose to, but without vaccinating and taking other precautions, being ill with Covid is their own fault.

  7. Meryl says:

    I have given up trying to be understanding and compassionate with folks who refuse to take responsibility for their decisions and actions. “Don’t confuse me with the facts”is the mantra of too many.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I know this dilemma.

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