At home in San Francisco this week

June 20, 2011

We’re leaving our dogs to their team of petsitters today to drive an hour north and spend a week in San Francisco in this modern North Beach vacation loft. Lots on the agenda, but not too much.

We’re eating Greek tonight, and tomorrow, we’ll put on all our Giants gear and attend a baseball game.

We were lucky enough to score member tickets to the well-regarded Picasso exhibition at the deYoung and later in the week I may get to the Gertrude Stein exhibit at SFMOMA with a friend.

My friend T and her husband are joining us at Michelin-starred Gary Danko, one of their favorite foodie hangouts. Although I think I’ve scared them with some of my thoughts on haute cuisine.

We’ll walk until we drop, maybe catch a last minute play and I’m spending an afternoon talking writing with my angel of mercy at a cool restaurant. You know, the angel who won’t let me fall asleep and miss my life? She’s cracking the whip on my memoir.

Can’t forget memoir workshop on Saturday; for once it’ll only take me 10 minutes to drive there instead of the hour from San Jose. I’m loving the group, our writing coach and have actually and finally begun WRITING the memoir.

It turns out we’ve got quite a few friends in SF now, and so much we can do with them this week that it’s just as though we live there.

Which I wish we did. Love urban life in San Francisco.

Watch this space for full reports.

One comment on “At home in San Francisco this week
  1. Judy staton says:

    Cool! I was just about to ask where you were staying and what you were planning. So jealous about Picasso! Lucky you. Have a great time. Weather and views will be amazing!!!

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