How to avoid negativity & promote positivity

August 25, 2021


Oh my gosh, I’ve been dark, lately! You probably agree. This morning, I decided I need to change my outlook, since we’ll be in this pickle for the long haul, and I don’t want to live in darkness the whole time.

So I made a list that will help me avoid negativity, even when I’m surrounded by bad stuff. Maybe you’ll find one or two of these helpful?

Walk through a garden. My city has a municipal rose garden, my yard is a garden and my neighborhood is a garden. Find the closest garden to you and walk through the beautiful, happy and colorful flowers. Drink it all in.

Focus on “right now.” Are you cooking a meal? Throw yourself into it. Are you sitting with your dog? Play hard! Reading a book? Dig deeply into it. Streaming a video? Get lost in it. Live in the now. Right now is all we have, anyway.

Take a breath break. Taking in oxygen promotes good circulation and happier moods. If you don’t meditate, stop once an hour or so and take three deep breaths. Release negativity with each breath.

Make a happy plan. We are having a patio lunch for our favorite vaccinated and careful couple this week. I will set the table with roses from my garden. Open a bottle of my favorite sparkling rose wine. I am making my special lasagna. And we will talk and laugh for a few hours. Planning this is so much fun!

Go outside and get a little sweaty. Get that blood flowing by walking, biking or doing something physical.

Get rid of what doesn’t serve you. It might be constantly focusing on the dark side of our lives now. It might be toxic people. Whatever it is, if it no longer serves you, extricate yourself. This morning I realized that my unfollowing of certain people on social media has done wonders for my mood.

Do random acts of kindness. This is my favorite. Reaching out to help others is always a mood booster. I’ve cooked and given meals to others this month. Written notes in cards to people who could use a lift, even a couple strangers. I’ve donated to some dogs in need. Given some little housewarming gifts via Amazon to the daughter of someone who is starting her first household. And donated to people in need.

Walk away from all arguments, whether on social media or in real life. I don’t have to say more on this.

Find something helpful? I hope you’ll let me know what works for you in the Comments!
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17 comments on “How to avoid negativity & promote positivity
  1. Shari says:

    These are great suggestions. I’m always telling my weight coaching clients to treat themselves to pleasure that isn’t just food, and you have some wonderful ideas. I will share this with my peeps! You’re good at both light and dark, Carol!

  2. Diane says:

    What great suggestions, Carol! I feel my mood lightening just reading these!
    I sing. Music lifts me and I have a few that REALLY lift me! 🙂

  3. As usual, brilliant suggestions. I already do a lot of these things. I’ll add the new to me to my list. Thx

  4. All great suggestions to help stay positive!

  5. Lovely and useful article Carol! I love your suggestions and plan on using them. One thing I’ve been doing lately is listening to YouTube mediations on areas I want to focus on, currently it’s been creativity. Lots of hugs.

  6. Lynn Forbes says:

    Great suggestions. I would add, pet your cat, cuddle your pup.

  7. Ellen Burgan says:

    Great suggestions! Staying positive feels so much better than being negative.

  8. All great tips, but especially getting outside and getting moving! I’ve noticed lately that the more I’m outside enjoying the fresh air, the easier it is to stay positive throughout my entire day. Being out in the fresh air always brings a smile to my face!

  9. Linda Hobden says:

    Walking along our village seawall is a great mind shifter I find. Listening to music always helps too. I did like your suggestions though ?

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