Be Kind

August 11, 2009

I’ve seen this attributed to Plato, as well. But Michael Noyes, the artist who did this piece, said the following:

“Philo of Alexandria was a first century Jewish philosopher. The colors of the large letters are those of the surface of the Earth, suggesting the necessity to be kind to EVERYONE we meet.”

Don’t you know people who epitomize kindness and reach out to everyone? I do. They possess such a wonderful aura, it’s wonderful to be around them. I believe they have a special understanding of the “human-ness” of all people. That knowledge that we are all fighting one great battle or another.

Interestingly, some believe that Philo was actually the founder of Christianity. That’s because his philosophy apparently was a combination of Jewish theological ideas and those present in the Greek mystery religions.

When combined, some say these concepts would appear much like Christianity. It is possible, they say, that the followers of Jesus seized upon Philo’s precepts and incorporated them into the letters that became the New Testament.

This quote is a great reminder of what Jesus was really about.

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