Beer brats make a tasty chilly-night supper

December 29, 2013

saaagI’m a Gordon Biersch fan. Maybe it’s because it was founded in the San Francisco Bay area back in the late 1990s, and the first restaurant used to be a fun hangout for my work colleagues. I love German beers. So I saw that sausage-maker Saag’s had partnered with Gordon Biersch on a brand new Beer Bratwurst, I had to give it a try. Thanks to Saag, who sent me a box-full to sample.

Brats are a traditional Oktoberfest dish, but now that winter’s upon us, they make a warm and hearty comfort food. Our winters are pretty moderate in the Bay area, so we can easily grill any time of year. I wanted to grill those brats and was craving an apple coleslaw to go with them. That’s all. A beer brat and some tangy, fruity slaw. Oh, and a frosty mug of Gordon Biersch beer to go with it.

Since I didn’t have those ingredients on hand, I used what I did have: tender, steamed green beans and a delicious sweet potato.

First, I parboiled the sausage. Then, M. threw them on the grill for a nice finish. A little stone ground mustard and the meal was ready.

“This brat is delicious!” M. said after his first bite. I agreed. Saag’s beer bratwurst was a big hit at our house.

logo_saagsSaag’s new beer bratwurst is made from pork, Gordon Biersch Czech style pilsner, natural spices, and natural flavors wrapped in a natural pork casing. Good stuff. Authentic, too: Gordon Biersch’s brewmaster, Dan Gordon, trained in Bavaria. And Wurstmeister Bernhard Steinhert is Bavarian. I expected a hearty wurst, and that’s what I got.

I’ve still got some wurst in the freezer, and I still they’d be yummy with an apple slaw. HERE’S an apple slaw recipe I’m going to try. And Saag’s has recipes on its website (along with a full line of specialty sausages.) But if you’ve got some other ideas for sides that would be great with Saag brats,, I’d love to hear them.

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