Being in the dark: not such a bad thing, after all

September 13, 2009

Early on, I resigned myself to being in the dark on all but the most important things, she said, & it’s not such a bad thing because you don’t see a lot of the stuff you usually get anxious about.

I’ve loved StoryPeople forever, but I don’t like the new stuff as well as I do the older ones. This is what I’d consider an older one.

It’s pretty profound, actually.

A few weeks ago a close friend had surgery. She asked no questions prior to surgery, showed up at the appointed time and simply accepted everything that happened aftewards.She minimized everything about it and was blindsided by a recovery that is taking longer than she had counted on.

She has one particular issue since the surgery, and I asked if she planned to call the doctor about it.

She allowed that she wasn’t going to because she was going to see him in a week.

I was flabbergasted.

I am a complete neurotic and control freak. Had I been having that surgery, I would have not only asked 100 questions but I would’ve Googled the surgery, read all the message boards and scared the holy shit out of myself.

But I would’ve known what to expect. As well as all of the horrors that happened to others.

Upon reflection, I can see a lot of positives in her method, over mine.

Because then I really wouldn’t have to see a lot of things I’d just get anxious about.

This is a new leaf I think I would be wise to turn over.

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