“Congratulations on being you!”

June 6, 2017

being-youA friend messaged me the other day about my new business, A Healing Spirit. He told me how much he loved the products and then said “Congratulations on being you!”

I loved it. Of course.

How many of us actually take the time to acknowledge another for being themselves? How many of us take the time to see others clearly and then affirm them?

Don’t you love it when someone appreciates you for being you? It’s such a lovely compliment.

The camera image above may be retro but what is all too current is the self-focus represented by the profusion of selfies we see all over the place. Some of us are so focused on ourselves we don’t stop to take in another.

We do too little acknowledgement and affirmation of the other beautiful souls around us. But when we do?  It lights up that person’s life and also the world.

So look around you right this very minute. At your life in real time and also online. What opportunities to affirm others exist? Can you do a random act of kindness?

Take a moment now and call, text or message someone a message of affirmation, one that tells them how much you appreciate who they are.

Another tiny, easy thing with a big impact.  Let’s all do more of it!



48 comments on ““Congratulations on being you!”
  1. Robin rue says:

    I really do love it when people know that I am just me being me. Very few people get it 😉

  2. That’s really cute, I think we should do things like that every day.

  3. Risa says:

    Carol, I’ve been thinking about this very thing lately–with all the negativity in the world right now, why not be the person who makes someone feel appreciated? Good inspiration for the day going forward!

  4. I love this! We should all be thankful for the fact that we are ourselves. We should be happy that we are ourselves. <3

  5. Tara Pittman says:

    I need to do this more often. I like to send my messages by email.

  6. Sarah Bailey says:

    I love this, it is so true, we never do say thank you for being you to people. We just seem to forget how lucky we are to have amazing people around us.

  7. Ruth Curran says:

    I love doing this. Often! I wish I wrote more actual mail. I will work on that. Maybe start with you my friend!

  8. This is so great! We should all be glad we’re who we are – and who everyone else (well, mostly everyone else. Some who shall not be named would be better off being someone else!) is. The world would be boring if everyone was the same.

  9. Mal says:

    That’s very nice, we need more random, unselfish acts of kindness in our lives!

  10. Rosey says:

    When someone loves you for you, that’s a big deal. It doesn’t happen as often as you would think it does either.

  11. Sojourner says:

    You’re absolutely right. It’s rare that we look anotperson in the eye an acknowledge how amazing they are just for being who they are. Tomorrow I pledge to do this to at least five people. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. What a beautiful message for people. It’s nice to just stop and give someone a compliment for being themselves. It will not only make their day, it will also assure them that they’re perfectly fine being them! So lovely!

  13. Dominique says:

    It is amazing what just one positive comment can do to a person’s day! Thank you for reminding us all to do this a little more often 🙂

  14. Andrea says:

    this was perfect to read, I’ve been having a rough afternoon and this is literally a great thing to read. so glad we are who we are and the way we think of life and the perceptive is great,

  15. kelly reci says:

    I love the way you write articles, its very interesting and very straight to the point. I enjoyed reading this post!

  16. I embrace individuality and personality. This is what makes someone interesting and fun to hang out with. We are not little lemmings instead we are all unique and perfectly imperfect 🙂

  17. That is why I like it when someone does not just throw a generic comment my way but instead praises me for ‘being me’. For example when someone told me they liked me because I am empathetic and have a quirky sense of humor it meant more to me than someone saying ‘your pretty’ because saying something about appearance says nothing about character x x

  18. Joanna says:

    That’s such a nice thought, I never thought of thanking someone just for being them. And I know some amazing people who would deserve it, who don’t know how much impact they had in my life.

  19. Krystal says:

    I don’t take compliments very well but I should. I should also give them more and say thanks!

  20. Elena says:

    Sometimes we forget simple things like this.And I must say that small things like this bring the most joy in our life because they give us courage to continue doing what we do.

  21. In my experience, it is pretty rare for people to recognize the wonderful things that make up who we are. I love when it does happen and my husband gets it which is nice.

  22. Such a great reminder! We all need to take the time to appreciate those around us. Just a small action can make a really make a big difference.

  23. That is one of the great things about unconditional love.
    One caveat of this I think is that the person always accepts you and appreciates you for who you are.

  24. Alice says:

    Yes indeed! We struggle a lot just to prove ourselves to someone but the most important are if they appreciated it. Thanks for the share!

  25. I love that comment. It speaks more to a person as they really are and not just some outward appearance. If someone knows you that well and can say that to you, then you should feel proud of it!

  26. I love and needed this today! One small acknowledgment can go such a long way. I will try to compliment someone today!

  27. Brianne says:

    This is such a great post! I actually read it twice and want to share with everyone!

  28. Melissa Bernardo says:

    I love this post! We need to remind ourselves every day that we are who we are and we need to be ourselves. 🙂

  29. Jeanine says:

    It’s always best to be your genuine self. I love that I am constantly reminding myself just to be who i am and not care!

  30. Jennifer says:

    This is such a beautiful sentiment. So many times all we do is think about ourselves. So much better to affirm others.

  31. I love when I can just be 100% totally myself around someone. It’s a huge sigh of relief!

  32. julie syl says:

    What a great article and t really interesting, I enjoy reading this so much and Glad you share this with us

  33. Ali Rost says:

    This is the sweetest thought! How cool that not only did she say out loud what she was thinking, but that she took the time to really know who you were. I really think that a true friend always thinks (and assumes) the best about us x

  34. Super cute post. I do love it when people appreciates me for simply being me.

  35. I love the encouragement and inspiration your friend provides. This was an inspiration for me.

  36. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I love your positivity. Kindness and genuine love are contagious. I need to remind a lot of people how important they are to me.

  37. Mary Edwards says:

    Yes affirmations is a great idea. I was in a text group where we would do that daily. But I let it slide. Going to start again

  38. Prateek Goel says:

    “Congratulation on being me myself.” This is a nice thought.
    Cute short post. Love to be positive. I always tries to be myself all the time and I usually succeed.

  39. That’s a really sweet hing that they did. I think it’s important to do selfless acts as often as possible. I try to help others on a daily basis where I can and most days do at least 4-5 good deeds.

  40. Lindsey says:

    I think for anyone it makes them feel happy to be recognised for being them.

  41. Dogvills says:

    One of the biggest need of the human race is the need to feel appreciated. Thanks for the reminder. I think it is about time that we show more love towards others. Start a revolution – a kindness revolution!

  42. Ra'Nesha says:

    Lol cute post it is very important to know who you are and love yourself. Being comfortable in your own skin determines if your really enjoy your life.

  43. My Teen Guide says:

    Reading this article reminded me of my favorite Dr. Seuss quote – “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” This is for me, the best quote anyone can ever say to someone. It is so motivating and uplifting! I have to appreciate the people around me more.

  44. This is really uplifting! We all need a little push sometimes, and I love how simple yet impactful this one is! I’m going to pay it forward tomorrow. 🙂

  45. While I do take selfies, I also love recognizing the beauty of others around me. I love sharing action shots and the beauty of nature on my social media channels.

  46. Denice says:

    Love the positivity of your post. I do love it wheb my husband acknowledges me and shares he appreciates and loves me because of who I am, which is the same of what i feel for him.

  47. EG III says:

    Sounds like a really great friend and something we should all practice doing more often. Thanks for the inspiration to share and spread more love in the world!

  48. Elizabeth o says:

    There is enough misery in the world that keeps so many from seeing the joy. Being acknowledged and appreciated makes us feel good so spread the good.

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