Believing in Miracles

July 10, 2009

I’m a logical kind of girl who’s known to be (figuratively, not literally) from Missouri, the “show me” state. I LOVE proof. Empirical evidence. Facts. Solid support.

And yet, I’ve seen so many inexplicable things occur this past year, events and circumstances with no logical basis.

It’s been a big wake-up call.

Despite my “show me” mentality, there is no doubt in my mind that miracles happen.

My NEW question has to do with why they happen for some, but not others.

I’m thinking of two equally devout, prayerful families with newborn babies born with “issues.” One survives and thrives. The other is called back to God.


Yes, we can talk about “lessons” that must be learned, “purpose” for such a brief life, the “teaching” that is done.

But these seem so unsatisfactory. Almost like a rationale that we need to put some logical shape and form to things that are beyond our understanding.

Maybe we aren’t meant to understand. Just to feel: grief and sadness, joy and love.

Today, though, it’s enough for me to look at FLH, to know that miracles happen and to celebrate the big one that’s happened in our life.

2 comments on “Believing in Miracles
  1. TJ says:

    Hey I’m from MO too. Around the Rolla area.

  2. (GRIN) Well, I meant it figuratively–I am from Rochester, NY but I am very “show me”.
    So God did.

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