Benefits of emotional pain

August 19, 2014

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Whenever your perspective on something creates emotional pain, Carol, it’s always because your perspective is still so narrow that you’ve yet to see all the good it will make possible.

Because it will.

Every weekday I get an inspirational message and this one –about the benefits of emotional pain–came last month.

Isn’t it true that shifting our perspective on something can also shift our attitudes and emotions?

It’s really all about how we view the things that happen in our lives.

Emotional pain and turmoil are signs that something is shifting in our lives. Sometimes, it’s a big shift, like tectonic plates in an earthquake. When the shaking stops, things aren’t in the same places they were before.

Is that such a bad thing?  Most of the time it isn’t. It’s just different. And sometimes it allows us to create something entirely new out of the rubble.

The benefits of emotional pain and include clearing the slate and making room for a new story.

Oh, I know the old story was super-comfortable.

But this new story? It could be more exciting! More interesting at the very least. If you let it.

My belief in the perfection of the Divine is so strong that I believe it’s never wrong. It always gives us what’s best for us at any given time.

Even if it’s something difficult.

And that’s something I think about a lot.

How about you?  Do you see benefits in emotional pain?

49 comments on “Benefits of emotional pain
  1. For me, emotional pain has always brought with it deeper wisdom and the simple reality of ‘choice’. With every pain, I’ve had to ask myself how I wanted it to affect me. They’ve forced me to choose between anger and forgiveness; acceptance and relinquishment; crumbling and rebuilding. You’re absolutely right. There is no reality, only perception. And choosing an enlightened lens with which to view the world isn’t always easy. But it makes a universe of difference in shaping one’s experience.

  2. Lisa Froman says:

    Yep, I am in the process of shifting…and it is very uncomfortable. I’m spending a lot of time journaling, praying and trusting. Being a Libra I tend to go back and forth, viewing every angle, every perspective. Sometimes this is a good thing….and sometimes, it is really tiring. LOL.

  3. I have learned this lesson the hard way but feel I have come out a much better person!

  4. Absolutely, and usually the more uncomfortable the pain is, the greater the shift. I see it as an inevitable part of the growth process, and while I can’t hand on heart say I welcome it, I love the change it brings about. Great post! Andrea (UBC)

  5. Tectonic shifting plates, earth shattering eruptions, flying 2 by 4’s and bricks that smack you in the head — ahhhh– these are the things that make magic happen. (umm… even if they are not that comfy at the time you’re smashing into them.

  6. Yes, sometimes we need to hit the bottom to make real change. Hopefully the lesson comes fast.

  7. Laura Kennedy says:

    Thanks for this…came at JUST the right time. Going to visit my mother today.

  8. Karen says:

    To me, pain is simply an “early warning system.” It alerts me to the fact that something is not right, and lets me know that change is required.

  9. WendysHat says:

    Great thoughts and so true too. If we were never pushed we probably would never do anything out of the ordinary either.

  10. Donna DeVane says:

    Emotional pain is there to let me know the value and meaning I am giving to situations. This meaning is due to my living and reliving an emotion that is only happening now due to my focus on it. As I accept the situation, listen for the message I can claim the gift, clear, clean, release, forgive, heal and move on. Life is a wonderful thing. Great post.. thank you.

  11. kim tackett says:

    Yes, I also believe that emotional pain (or as we call it here at home “the bugger on your finger”) is here to be examined and then managed. Typically it means a shift is required. Sometimes deeper exploration, but almost always a shift in position or perception.

  12. Not while I’m enduring it…but after, most usually! It’s definitely the glass half full perspective that changes most thought processes. I find the more you try it, the better you get at it. It’s like exercise.

  13. Ellen Dolgen says:

    I agree with you, Carol. I love how you put it, “Emotional pain and turmoil are signs that something is shifting in our lives.”

  14. Tammy says:

    Like most things, hindsight is 20/20 so looking back I can usually see the benefits but like Kathleen said above, while I’m enduring it….not so much. Your posts are always so insightful Carol Thank you.

  15. Nora says:

    I think we learn from every experience…good or bad. It’s up to us to make it a positive or negative experience.e Congratulations to you for making it positive.!

  16. Lana says:

    Well, can’t say that I like it, but you are right. I really love your statement about believing in the perfection of the Divine. I am finding myself working toward this and it really helps with my anxiety.

  17. I hope there are benefits. I will trust in the Universe that there’s a reason why I feel such emotional pain at this time. There I said it. Hmm. Hoping to come out the other side soon! Loved this, Carol.

  18. I have to admit that I find it easier to see the benefits of emotional pain when I’m not right in the middle of it all. Making my way, at least partially to the other side does help me to gain some insight. But I am a firm believer in viewing things in a more positive light in order not to dwell on the negative. That’s when it starts to eat you up and prevent you from getting through the trying time.

  19. Ines Roe says:

    One of the things I know about emotional pain is that you have to “touch” the pain in order to heal. This is often difficult because we try to avoid pain but maybe we can learn and move forward

  20. Sheryl says:

    I suppose, when all is said and done, emotional pain brings us to a higher level…but oh, how it hurts while we are going through it!

  21. Ruth Curran says:

    Yes, emotional pain signifies a need to shift — change perspective and see the whole picture. I have to believe there is something good to find….

  22. Yes and no. There’s healing involved in it, for sure, and I can see the growth that might come, but I also know that sometimes pain can be crippling. So it’s a toss up. Depends on the kind of pain, the experience, all of it. Great thoughts, though. For certain a heavy topic to think on.

  23. bodynsoil says:

    I don’t look forward to emotional pain and/or struggle, I do tend to grow insight whenever I pass through a difficult time in my life. While your quote might be true, I believe there is another about not looking for trouble lest you discover it.. I’ll go with that one.. 😉

    • I don’t look forward to it either, or for it—but I don’t shy away….and I do realize it’s something that must be shouldered to get to a new place. None of us get out of here without it, sadly.

  24. Joy says:

    Sometimes, I think emotional pain is my middle name! 😉 Seriously. When it is at its worse, I tend to go inside my head and do so much more thinking! It does seem to help me get over my writer’s block at times. I like to write what I know! I learn. I grow. Sometimes hard to keep positive, though as you are going through it!

  25. Donna says:

    I, unlike everyone else, am tired of emotional pain. Tired! Bored! Borderline pissed!! I would like something exciting to happen, something so unexpectedly amazing it would make the news. I am weary of simply trying to change my thinking. Tired of thinking of the million things I should have done better so that life would be better now. I need a month at a spa

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