Best advice in the world

July 13, 2010

If you’ve ever had a sick pet, you’ve seen a great perspective on life.

Almost to the end, a pet wags his or her tail and keeps living. They’re happy because they live in the moment.

Today, though, pharmaceutical companies and compliant health care professionals make it easy to medicate ourselves out of tough times. Sometimes, meds are necessary. But not as much as they’re given.

Even when things look the the darkest, the best medicine is to live fully. Laughing, singing, loving are all free. They don’t depend on special equipment or a fat bank account.

And they remind us that life goes on regardless of our personal situations. And since it does, we might as well be there for it.

2 comments on “Best advice in the world
  1. Anonymous says:

    Pets do not get hung up about dying…neither should we. It is just part of the great journey. This sounds cold but I frequently say…none of us get out alive. 🙂

  2. We are undeniably an over-medicated population. Having said this, I am grateful as all get out to report that I have never required long-term medication of any kind. It’s easy for me to cast aspersions on legal drug use having never been diagnosed with a dis-ease that required it.
    Thankful I am, that’s all I can say. And may those who ‘need’ meds be discerning in their partaking.

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