Best in Show–for real!

February 7, 2014

Mr MrsWe are en route to New York City and the crazy, wonderful Westminster Dog Show.  That’s because one of the cutest French Bulldogs we know will be competing.  Rocky is not only a personality-filled little dog, he is a champion, and his people are good friends of ours. We couldn’t pass up this opportunity to get behind the scenes at Westminster and maybe see some “Best in Show” movie moments. (Riley is staying home with his brother and petsitter.)

Already on the schedule is a cool party that I hope to blog about, and we’ll be staying at one of the hotels hosting the show dogs. So you can expect some fun photos and posts, and maybe some video.

My divine sisterhood is coming in for a big Sunday dinner and some fun–my sister-in-love and my sister-from-another-mother will be converging on New York City to provide their loving embrace and belly laughs.  And I’m taking M. to see Kinky Boots, which I loved when I saw it with the girls last spring.

It’ll be less than a week and I’m sure it’ll fly by.  Stay tuned for what’s to come! And wish Rocky luck–Go Rocky!



2 comments on “Best in Show–for real!
  1. I love French Bull dogs!!! We have two fawn pugs but the hubs and I would also like to add a French Bulldog to our family soon. Good luck, Rocky!

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