Best pre-Skype conversation, ever.

February 17, 2014

free8Best pre-Skype conversation ever:

Her: “I look like shi t. I have coconut oil in my hair.”

Me: “I haven’t brushed mine yet and I’m still in my flannel PJs with dogs on them.”

With that understanding, we proceeded to have a Skype call, her way up North and me way West.

This, of course, is my nightmare: video calls becoming the norm and having to actually get dressed every single day.

So I’m wondering: Is there protocol for Skype or Face Time attire?  Should there be? And what do you suggest?

Just askin’.  And yes, this is a First World Problem.

25 comments on “Best pre-Skype conversation, ever.
  1. I’m sure that the ‘rules’ for business Skype are similar to regular business etiquette. But, I tend to be more casual if it’s a person I know or someone who isn’t going to make a judgement about me based on my attire. I did once refuse a FaceTime request from someone I didn’t really know because I was still in my bathrobe!!

  2. Ryder Ziebarth says:

    I look so old on Skype and FaceTime, I have given up caring what I wear!

    • admin says:

      I can’t stand how I look in photos, either, and my husband really feels like he looks old and won’t even look at photos of himself. That’s a whole different dimension, that “OMG I’m old!” response to our image!

  3. I hate when Skype or FaceTime calls come in when I’m in the bathroom. I learned after the first time, don’t answer. After getting scolded. The conversation went like this “Mom, are you on the toilet?” me: “um, yes” son: “MOM DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE ON THE TOILET” me: but you called me? he lives in Philly… and it’s FACETIME not BUTTTIME!

  4. Doreen McGettigan says:

    When my girlfriends husband was first in Iraq she would get up, get dressed and put makeup on before his face time call. She would have the kids ready too. After a month or so she answered wherever and however she was. I found it funny.
    I don’t use it much but when I do it is for business so business attire it is.

  5. Helen Knight says:

    There’s no reason to look at each other when talking on the “phone” unless you want to show someone your new outfit or hair color. I suppose as a conference call visual tool (to review art work or something, it has it’s place). It’s hard to get the web cam positioned for a decent angle; you end up looking up someone’s nose on face time unless you hold the phone way over your head—uncomfortable. If I “Face-time” you without warning it’s ALWAYS a mistake.

  6. Carol, you’ve just reminded me why I don’t Skype!

  7. Boomer Tuber says:

    Yes, definitely a first world problem, but.. I did a google+ hangout and chose to stay in my flannel PJs and uncombed hair. I was truly a mess but figured, so what I’m in my own house, I’m not indecent. I say don’t dress for skype or any Internet date. If somebody doesn’t like it, they can ask you to turn off the video. And, by the way, check out my YouTube channel

  8. For me, it depends on who I’m on the call with! If it’s another works-from-home-mom like me, we’re both probably wearing sweats with no makeup and neither of us will care. If it’s a client, I try to look presentable from at least the waist up 🙂

  9. I miss the days when I could work from home with my hair in a ponytail and a facepack on! Now it seems we have to be ready for Skype calls or hangouts at a moment’s notice. I have learnt that you need to sit in a good light not to look haggard – and wear more eyeliner than usual so that your eyes don’t completely disappear!

  10. Jay Lickus says:


    This brings up a whole new discussion on modern day, technology driven social mores and etiquette doesn’t it?

    I believe “When in Rome…………………”

  11. I do care somewhat how I look when I Skype with my granddaughter. It’s probably more about the fact that my daughter’s husband and others are in the background, though.

  12. Corinne Rodrigues says:

    This is funny, Carol. I’m guessing one has to be all dressed up if it’s a business call! Thankfully, I don’t use Skype too much! 🙂

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