How to give the best Valentine gift

January 16, 2020

We’ve just finished the winter holidays and poof! The day of love is approaching. We’ve never needed love more than we do now, don’t you think? So, why not make Valentine’s Day a time to spread love among everyone you care about–mother, grandmother, sister, BFF–all those you love.

And I’ve got just gift: pretty Hearts & Flowers candles at A Healing Spirit. I think they’re the best Valentine gift and many customers agree. They’re gorgeous, stuffed with love crystals and pretty flowers and best of all, they are easy on the budget.

Our 4-oz soy candles now come in a pretty screw top lid and can be scented or not as you choose. A heart-shaped pink quartz sits on top–easily removed with tweezers once wax melts– and all sorts of love-oriented crystals. Flowers and petals in red or pink make the theme. They really are little works of art. And the scents are heavenly!

New options!

This is a large custom candle. You can’t see the brass tag with hearts etched on it. One of a kind.

For Valentine’s Day only, I’ve added two options: an 8 oz square glass container candle and an even bigger custom 14-16 oz candle.

They are all stunning and they burn a long time.

Soy burns clean, so no unsightly soot.

No harmful phthalates in these candles, either. A thoughtful and lovely gift for someone you care about.  Very special.

Add a “You’re My Person” metal heart-shaped tag, if you like! Find it here.

Hearts & Flowers candles order deadline is Jan 21 allowing time to make it a real work of art. Also, scented candles must “cure” for at least 10 days–which means “sit, covered.” That’s so the fragrance adheres to the soy wax for best scent throw. That time is built into the deadline so your candles will be ready to burn upon arrival. (Yes, the pink is a live link that takes you to the order page)

A thoughtful love gift

Shipping begins Jan. 31 by USPS Priority mail–  they normally arrive within about three days. I can ship to you or directly to your loved one anywhere in the U.S.

**  Ordering 3 or more? Just message me at carol at and let’s talk discount!

8 comments on “How to give the best Valentine gift
  1. Paula Kiger says:

    Those are really beautiful and I’m not surprised!

  2. Jen says:

    What a pretty candle!

  3. OH my gosh! I adore this candle. It’s perfect in every way!

  4. Very beautiful candle! I really like souvenir type gifts for St. Valentine’s Day. I really love hand-made presents. Your candle really looks charming, and it seems to me that any man and woman will like it, even the biggest skeptic) I’m generally a big fan of your blog. I have been reading your articles here for a long time, but I have never left comments before. So I decided to leave the first comment in the form of gratitude for your work and for the information that you share with your readers. Your articles inspire me every day and bring me joy! I wish you success in your business and creative development!

  5. Ashwini says:

    Great valentine candle gift idea. I have the interest to make them. Thank you for sharing this beautiful information.

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