Beware aspartame & diet drinks

June 17, 2011

Aspartame is found in many diet products today. Monsanto has now renamed it Amino Sweet, to make it seem more benign.

Some of you may remember that I temporarily lost my hearing two years ago from too much of it. Seriously. Aspartame is toxic. There are many reported ill effects from ingesting it; to find them, just search. It’s not hype.

My husband was drinking two or three Diet Cokes a day for a very long time. Decades. He developed a whooshing sound in his ears, years ago. It was with him day and night, and sometimes so bad he couldn’t sleep. For years.

A few months ago he stopped drinking Diet Coke. His whooshing sound disappeared. Completely. Has never returned. After decades.

Aspartame is bad stuff. Don’t use it in any form: packets, colas, popsicles or other diet products.

One comment on “Beware aspartame & diet drinks
  1. Anonymous says:

    Plus it tastes awful! beth g

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