Bewitching brides, dazzling designs & fetching frocks

November 27, 2010

The chill in the air means a wardrobe change. Bear with me, because I’ve been infatuated with this Tartan Spirit couture line by Scot Joyce Young since I saw it in Scotland last summer.

Isn’t the gown spectacular? Yes, it’s a lot of plaid and not for everyone, but it’s perfect for a room with tall ceilings, dark wood, a huge fireplace, and candles. I recognize the photo; it was taken at Cameron House in Loch Lomond, the gracious manor house at which we were lucky enough to stay last June. {Which has tall ceilings, dark wood, huge fireplaces and candles.}
Far from the mass market gowns we know, Joyce Young’s bride and mother-of-the-bride pairing is unique and contemporary. I love the tailored bridal gown with its peeks of tartan. The color in the mom’s dress is a bit bright –so much of it– but the right woman could pull that off.
Even though she’s not Scottish, I can almost see Kate Middleton’s mom wearing this, can’t you? The shrug is charming and perfect for church, but the hat’s probably too tame for the royals. And the gown doesn’t need the tulle overskirt, which screams “why is she wearing a negligee over this evening gown?”
The sassy tartan sash makes this gown. And the sumptuous colors and fabric!
Lucky the Scottish bride whose family tartan is this gorgeous purple shade. But all the tartans make beautiful gowns. Like this one, below. I appreciate the richness of this frock. And the audacious display of sexy black. It’s tarty, in a fun kind of way. {But what’s with the harp? She doesn’t look like any harp player I’ve ever seen…}
I love this casual ensemble. The embellishments running diagonally up the center of the skirt and the vest take black and white plaid out of the realm of ordinary and into youthfully chic.

I would kill to wear this extravagant gown to a formal event. I know, it’s over the top, but every woman should get to wear something this dazzling once in her life. {Even if makes her look a bit like Scarlett O’Hara in the curtains.}

What designers make you swoon?

2 comments on “Bewitching brides, dazzling designs & fetching frocks
  1. Carol, you would be breathtaking in that gown!!!

  2. 😉 Marilyn, you’re right: I’d be holding my breath so hard it WOULD be breathtaking! What a gorgeous thing, though. Love all those tartans.

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