BFFs: best friends forever

December 7, 2011

This morning I’m thinking about BFFs.

I never did believe in the idea of a single “best friend,”
the kind of exclusiveness that smacks of junior high:
cliques, whispers and sidelong glances.

That’s not to say that I think of all
of my extraordinary friends
in the same way.
Each has a different
but an equally important place in my life.

There’s the friend with whom I share dark
nights of the soul.
The ones who get my family dramas.
And the one who mentors my writing.
There are those with whom I share
an almost three-decade history
and those I’ve just met but already love.

I could go on.

Each of my wonderful friends holds my confidence
on one subject or another.
Religion, spirituality, food, beach, the 60s,
history, even sex–there’s a friend or two for each
and I access them liberally.

But I can’t say that I love one friend better than another.
Because that assumes that love is a scarce resource.
When really, it’s in limitless, abundant supply.

Each of my friends is unique
and I love them each individually.
And equally.

You might say each of them is my BFF:
best friend forever.

One comment on “BFFs: best friends forever
  1. Anonymous says:

    i totally agree!! would die wout my friends.

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