Black humor

June 25, 2009

Ok, so referring to my Just Friends, post:

Law enforcement officers see the dregs of our society. They handle the worst crimes, the worst criminals. They see shocking things.

Remember way back, when we “flower children”referred to police as “pigs?” With a few high-profile bad cop stories, it’s easy to think of the entire breed as Cro-Magnon. When I discovered how smart and funny my law enforcement friends were, I was more than a little surprised.

It might surprise you to know that the biggest argument I had with one of my friends happened when I observed that he seemed to be getting harder and more reactionary over the years. This did NOT go over well. You’d think it would, wouldn’t you? But it didn’t.

Like with doctors, nothing is sacred with cops. Nothing. Everything is fodder for black humor. Obviously, it’s a coping mechanism. As a result, they are notorious for their use of dark or even outrageous humor.

Such was the response from one of the friends I mentioned in my post, about how sex doesn’t have to be part of a friendship with someone of the opposite gender. Here’s the outrageous email exchange, which I enjoyed tremendously.

I warn you, he is very over the line and twisted in his response, and not everyone will think it’s funny. But it was such a clever comeback to my post that it made me laugh.

COP 1: That was very sweet and kind. Maybe I can have sex with your other law enforcement friend to complete the circle ??

ME: Doubtful

HIM: Oh ye of little faith. I love you anyway, though.

No, nothing is sacred. Nothing.

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