Boomer life: how the beat goes on

July 23, 2018

boomer-lifeI’m happy to report that in boomer life, the beat goes on. And keeps on going!

I’ve taken a mental trip back to the 1960s when I made candles using wax and crayon color poured in milk cartons. Only now, i’m making more formal candles with embedded crystals and flowers. They’re absolutely gorgeous, come in a variety of scents and everyone who sees them buys multiples….and wants to know more, like “is there a candle for fertility?” Stay tuned, more candles in bigger sizes to come! Read about them here.

Over at Unfold And Begin, Jennifer continued her Starting Over interview series by chatting with Charlene of Chronically Hopefully.  Charlene shared stories of a life full of change and starting over including living in three different countries and of moving to England with just one bag, one friend, and no jobs.  Her most recent restart is when she was diagnosed with ME/CFS and she shares how she keeps a positive attitude.  Read When Chronic Illness Drastically Changed Her Life to find out more.

Looking for ways to help save our planet? On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Bailey Newman, guest blogger, gives tips on inexpensive ways to reduce your environmental footprint. Among the suggestions are line drying clothes, eating leftovers, and unplugging appliances when not in use.

Writer Laura Lee Carter had some time this week to think about the wildfire that threatened her home a couple weeks ago. She decided to write about trauma, and  how she feels now about where she moved four years ago…

Rebecca Olkowski with is always on the search for an effective skincare system with non toxic ingredients. She reviews one of her favorite brands that’s made in New Zealand. 

>Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting is on the road once again, this time with her hub and 14-year-old grandson. They look forward to two weeks exploring– but first must reach their destination, not always an easy, smooth task. Read about the beginnings of her journey in Hurry Up and Wait… Air Travel Summarized.

22 comments on “Boomer life: how the beat goes on
  1. Rena says:

    Looks like some great reads! You already know I love the candles lol!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love how you can turn things around on a dime! The picture is great. I’ll have to check out all the blogs

  3. Fun stuff. I love your featured image too. What a great shot. Thanks for putting this all together.

  4. robin rue says:

    I love candles, too! I have been dabbling with making my own lately and I am excited to see where that goes! Can’t wait to read her blog.

  5. Alli Smith says:

    I’ve never made my own candles but I’m intrigued by beautiful homemade candles. Maybe I’ll try to make my own candles once the weather cools down some.

  6. Glenda Cates says:

    I can’t wait to read each of the articles you shared with us as well as the Candles as it’s time to begin shopping for Christmas and new unique and different gifts are on top of my Gift Giving list. Which is where the candle fit.

  7. JEanette says:

    Is pretty cool that you can do so many things in so little muddy! That is definitely something I try to do. I’ve never tried to make candles before that I definitely want to.

  8. I’ll be reading those blogs posts! I used to make ice cream soda candles. I used my mom’s mixer to froth up the wax to look like whipped cream. I was an innovator in my day!

  9. Amber Myers says:

    I’ve never tried to make my own candles before. I really should try and see if they come out.

    I’ll have to check out these blog posts you mentioned!

  10. Sara Welch says:

    A trip to the sixties would be fun to try. Those were some really amazing times.

  11. Wendy says:

    I wish I were more crafty because I appreciate posts like the ones you mentioned here and how lovely the candles look too!

  12. Heather says:

    I tried to make candles once. I still have all the stuff to do it. I think it would be great to start that back up again and make some candles as gifts for friends or family.

  13. Lisa Martin says:

    Looking forward to reading the articles. Esp the reviews on skin care, I’m actually looking for a more natural line. And your candles are beautiful. Love the way they look with the flowers.

  14. Ricci says:

    I have never made my own candles but I have always wanted to. You have inspired me to try something new!

  15. Lisa Favre says:

    I have always wanted to make my own candles – I’ve only ever done it once! These blog posts that you mentioned sound really interesting… will have to check them out!

  16. I love reading stories of people where despite their difficult circumstances, they stay positive.

  17. Vyjay Rao says:

    The 60’s must have been a really colourful period when you made candles using wax and crayons. You have suggested some really interesting and inspiring reads, will check them out.

  18. I never made my own candles but I always wanted to. I made my own soap once and I think that’s pretty similar.

  19. Jeanine says:

    I have always wanted to make my own candles. I never have but it’s always been on my to-do list!

  20. I have been thinking about making homemade candles. I look forward to reading the other post! by the way, I love the scarf!

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