Boomers at the holidays

December 16, 2023


Do you remember those TVs? And that wallpaper? How did we ever think designs like that were attractive? But still, there’s a certain warm nostalgia images like this bring up. If you’re a Boomer, that is.

And speaking of them, our favorite Boomer bloggers have some good reading today.


Laurie Stone recently read an article by a famous author, lamenting how old and decrepit the woman felt. Laurie braced herself, ready to hear she had just turned 102. Instead, her age was 68, one year older than she. Laurie looked down at herself and although no one would mistake her for 25, she feels strangely okay in this body. In fact, she thinks there are 5 big myths about getting older.


Practice is important to creativity, but sometimes you need some inspiration, some help, and guidance.  Jennifer, of Unfold and Begin, shares 3 gifts that will inspire creativity. Give the gift of creative inspiration to yourself and your friends and family.


Holiday festivities – parties, dinner, cards, family and friend get-togethers, gift exchanges – remind Meryl Baer of Musings of a Shore Life of holidays celebrated years ago. She recalls her family’s Christmas Day festivities in this week’s post A Manhattan Christmas.


Isn’t there always one party guest who drones on and on until you have to walk away? As party season is in full swing, Rebecca Olkowski, with writes about How to Not Be Boring At Parties and Other Social Events.


Watch out for scams during the holiday season, because fraudsters are busy, warns Rita R. Robison, consumer and personal finance journalist. One example is she’s received three phone calls from men saying they’re from “Border Patrol.” Another example is a company that made false claims on its websites and social media that its ancestry reports were more accurate and detailed than other DNA testing companies, such as Ancestry DNA and 23andMe.

And of course, me!

It’s not a holiday without a family squabble or two, or maybe even something bigger. Here’s how you can manage through them.

We hope your holiday season is festive and happy!

One comment on “Boomers at the holidays
  1. Laurie Stone says:

    Great job, Carol. Have a wonderful holiday!

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